Day 8 of NanoHell

Well maybe not hell. We will have to see. Story is to a flow point and I have a couple more days to do write-ins and catch up. I even trimmed the fat, word count be damned!

As of 20:00…

  • starting word count: 6789
  • ending word count: 8485
  • caffeine consumed: 1 non-fat latte (they forgot the vanilla), 1 iced quad venti vanilla non-fat latte
  • insanity level: low-moderate
  • fatigue level: low
  • victims killed to date: 1 old hunter
  • deer harvested: 3, 1 eaten by monster

Notes from throughout the day…

  • Not as much done as I would have liked. I seem to be ADD when I am the only one writing this week.
  • Forgot about the game going on tonight. My parking fee is obviously a “stupid tax.”
  • Also forgot to being the audiobooks to bring back to the library. Looks like I am hitting Audible once I am home.
  • 2 calls taken since sitting down to write. One was a wrong number (misdial by my father).

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