The Journey: Day 7

Sunday is here. I survived day light savings and the weekend birthday parties. All Hallow’s Read books were given out to the grandchildren. Granddaughter was thrilled to hear that the guy that wrote Coraline likes Grandma’s costume (even if she didn’t get to hear about Grandma’s costume). And I committed one of the cardinal sins of Nanowrimo – I removed words from my project. Friday night while doing a word war with James I found what I had been looking for – the beginning to my story. I surgically extracted almost everything I wrote before that. I liken it to cutting the ends off of your hair so that it will grow longer, or trimming a bonsai tree.

Y’all can ridicule me if you want, but I am not in this for the Nanowrimo, I am in this for the story. Hell, that is the reason I am shooting for 90k instead of 50. And I still am. I know, that means more than 3000 a day but I also know it’s for the best. Besides, I have almost a full week off of work this month. I think we’re green.

So as I begin the Cool Beans write-in this afternoon here’s the score.

As of 13:45 Sunday November 7th

As of 16:00 (all times in military time)
  • words completed: 791 (so far today)
  • total words: 6789
  • caffeine consumed: 1 Via (at home), 2 Black Thunder (so far)
  • cardinal sins committed: 1 (removal of text from project)
  • insanity level: moderate-high
  • fatigue level: low

Note: Not as much as I was hoping to get done, but I had to jockey for position near an outlet (including people that left their stuff sitting at a table and then left the coffee shop for an hour or so) and was also preoccupied with where everyone else was. May enter in some more after game night and Walking Dead. Otherwise tomorrow is coming awfully early.


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