Day 5: In the Mouth of Madness

As you can tell by my lack of blogs, the last couple of days have been crazy. Wednesday Encounters at Misty Mountain, a book release party for Jesi Lea Ryan’s Four Thousand Miles and then this weekend we are providing cakes and celebrating birthdays for grandchildren. The only reason I didn’t go completely nuts is that my wife didn’t ask for any help making the cakes. Well, she did ask for ideas in materials for the structure, but that was all.

So there I was last night at the party in Fitchburg. It is only about 8:00 and I am already thinking that any later and it will be a little sketchy for me to drive home. And yes, I was that tired. So home I went. I talked to my wife about the cakes, had a cup of coffee, watched Big Bang Theory (thank you DVR) and considered the direction of my project. It was a pretty damned good night and I got to bed with enough time to have a full six hours of sleep as opposed to the four I managed Wednesday night. Then the dreams started.

Yes, I dreamed about the monster from the piece I am working on. Only it wasn’t just one monster, it was a bunch of them. Also, my main characters were not the ones dealing with them. I think I was in the point of view of my primary character, but instead of his buddies, he was fighting alongside Felicia Day. And not really Felicia Day, but Virginia (her character from the SyFy movie Red) in all her weapony goodness. And apparently my subconscious added a mash-up to tell me I need to visit Chicago again soon as Edgar Garcia (a.k.a. @egspoony) and Vinny Garcia (pastry chef from Bleeding Heart Bakery) were there as well. I didn’t see Michelle Garcia there, but I was a little busy with monster-busting.

I can explain the Chicago folks showing up in my dream. I have been playing with new cupcake ideas, we were discussing the granddaughter’s cakes that night and the last time I went down to Chicago I looked up Edgar for some treats and coffee at Bleeding Heart. That makes sense. Red showing up and kicking beastie ass? That isn’t even my plan for what happens in the book!

It did help me to come up with a change in my monster though. Bringing it back more towards what the original idea was, causing it to diverge from the myth I am taking it from a bit. All I know is writing the scene I have stuck in my head will see strange when it involves a 26 year old guy and not a red-headed Buffy the Vampire Slayer type.

My “crisis of plot” came earlier this year than it did last year but I think this is a good thing. I have plenty of time of this season and I can figure out what the characters are trying to tell me and get it flowing. Starting tonight. My wife gave me a pass not to go to a birthday party with her tonight, so I am going to jump in on a write-in here in town. Antler ass kicking will start tonight so help me Pie! (Because honestly, who doesn’t like pie?)

Word count updates to be edited in below as the night goes on…

As of 22:00 (all times in military time)
  • words completed: 2565
  • total words: 6843
  • caffeine consumed: 2 non-fat vanilla latte
  • beers consumed: 1 Nosteferatu
  • insanity level: moderate-high
  • fatigue level: low

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