Day 2 of the Journey

A quick edit for Day 2 as I was busy writing furiously and forgot to post it before bed. Not to mention bedtime actually arrive on Wednesday anyhow.

As of early morning Wednesday, November 3rd…

  • words completed: 2567
  • total words: 4278
  • ballots entered: 1
  • caffeine consumes: 1 non-fat vanilla latte, 3 cups of “bold roast”
  • insanity level: moderate
  • fatigue level: moderate

Note on increasing insanity levels…

  • Wednesday Post-Work: run Encounters at Misty Mountain
  • Wednesday Post-Encounters: make two batches of cupcakes
  • Wednesday Post-Cupcakes: make more words, get close to 3k for the day
  • Thursday Post-Work: Four Thousand Miles launch party (with cupcakes)
  • Thursday Post-Launch Party: make more words…
  • Friday Post-Work: Birthday party with the wife
  • Saturday Night: Another Birthday party (grand daughter)
  • Sunday Afternoon: Make Cupcakes
  • Sunday Night: run Gamma World for Sunday group (with cupcakes)
  • Monday Morning: Purchase Straight Jacket

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