Day 1 Nano 2010

Octobers doors slammed shut right in my face. November started with the inevitable coffee, figuring out if this is really what I want to write and the bogging down of the NaNoWriMo servers, preventing me from checking the forums or inputting my running word count tally. Of course it also brought in the wrap-up of October which meant Halloween, A Gathering of American Gods, Walking Dead and the end of our year long campaign in my D&D group.

Quick notes on each…

  • Halloween went well, no kids came to the door. (I am in a remote area, so expected maybe a half dozen if any.)
  • All Hallow’s Read (created by Neil Gaiman) went into effect, although since nobody came to the door, the gifts I had planned on for that are being dropped off to my grandchildren this week.
  • A Gathering of American Gods. This was by far the high point of my October. We skipped the scavenger hunt and did a few panels and toured the House on the Rock before the costume party.
  • Costume Contest – my wife made it into the finals with her God of Media costume. She was also interviewed by an English magazine. Photos of that and the House on the Rock will follow as time allows.
  • The end of Zombieland: Nexus. It took nearly a year to get the group there, and I nearly killed a few members of the party. Shockingly everyone made it out in one piece and the cure for the zombie rot went airborn viral. World saved – for now.
  • Walking Dead. Flat out I think it was pretty damned amazing. Definitely had the feel of the comic. It will be fun to see where it goes and just how dark they take it.

That said, this morning I was up at 5:00 (although I hit the snooze a couple of times) and was out the door early. I didn’t quite make it to the coffee shop at 6:30 as my windshield was iced over and I have no scraper (new truck), but I still had over an hour to work before getting to work. I managed 827 words before work (I am spending my lunch hour on the blog) and plan to finish at least 3000 total tonight at Starbucks (our official launch party location).

I will edit and add to this as I go. So, check back if you are interested in how the first day progresses.

As of 8:00am…

  • word completed: 1711
  • total words: 1711
  • caffeine consumes: 1 non-fat vanilla latte, 1 iced quad vanilla non-fat latte
  • insanity level: moderate
  • fatigue level: light-moderate

(Final numbers added above in edit)


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