New Theme: The Journey

So this week I was sitting at the table in my living room, collecting up the things I would need for this week’s Wednesday Encounters at Misty Mountain and watching Zombieland on cable. Sure, I have seen it several times. Yes, I do know the movie inside and out. But it falls withing the Found Movie Rule a friend of mine introduced me to. I found it so therefore it is my destiny to watch it. Then destiny kicked me in the danglies.

A movie came on after Zombieland and I didn’t turn the channel. Hell, I didn’t even turn it off even though I had no wish to watch it. The movie was Julie and Julia. While a movie about a woman blogging about cooking her way through a Julia Childs cookbook doesn’t really seem that interesting it did make me think about my direction with this blog. It also made me consider how much I could use this as a tool to assist me in my goals – to become published.

At the heart of it I am still Zombie Joe. The blog will still contain the occasional post about D&D or a rant that came to mind that day. What it will also contain is a record of my steps from the point of beginning a manuscript to publication. In short, similar to the Oprah by 2011 blog from my online friend, Tina. I will never make Oprah’s couch, nor do I ever see making it onto a book club for one of the daytime talk shows. But that is not my goal, it’s Tina’s goal. My goal is to write the kind of story that I would be interested in reading and publishing it. Urban Fantasy, Horror or something Paranormal – all likely with a touch of snark or humor.

This November I had planned on starting my horror piece for Nanowrimo. That gave me a start date. I set the goal the same as in the movie – 1 year. Instead of a set amount of recipes to complete in that time, I have a set wordcount and a goal of bringing the story to the publishing network and getting it represented and published.

To represent this better, I have renamed the blog to The Journey of a Thousand Miles. Because the reality is that even with a complete manuscript already making the rounds with agents this path seems like a large and arduous one. And zombies are not well known for their speed. Perseverance and stamina we have though, so eventually I know I will get there.

Care to join me in Year One of my new Journey?


2 thoughts on “New Theme: The Journey

  1. I’m in! Maybe your journey can serve as a roadmap for me. I may not have exactly the same destination but I bet it will be very interesting to see what lies in wait down the road.

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