Buy a Book Day: Day Five

Another day, another stop at a place in Wild Rose that has free wifi. In this instance, it is Culver’s. Of course free is a relative term when you are buying something and not simply squatting. Of course this has nothing to do with National Buy a Book Day, my suggestions for it or the theme for today’s suggestions.

Today I am going for Youth Adult books. I am also going to bend my personal restrictions I am setting for my own purchases and suggest some best selling authors. And finally, the last of these suggestions will give a hint to our suggestion theme for tomorrow.

Chronicles of Vladamir Tod by Heather Brewer

I have these books sitting on my shelf, ready to read. They are there due to a stint at Romantic Times, several panels Heather Brewer was on and several friends extolling the awesomeness of her series. Considering the attention it garnered at San Diego Comic Con, it is hard to argue that.

For these reasons alone, I am recommending a series I have not yet read. Again, I do own it (and even got one of the books signed), so I am not suggesting anything I have not done myself.

The first book in the series is 8th Grade Bites. Start there and work your way forward to 12th Grade Kills.

The Forest of Hands and Teeth Series by Carrie Ryan

The story takes place seven generations after the zombie apocalypse. Remaining villages of people live in the Forest of Hands and Teeth behind chain link fences that keep the zombies (known as unconsecrated) at bay. At the heart of it, the story is about a girl growing up, learning about the world, being an adult and love. And then the zombies attack.

If you are a fan of YA fiction and zombies, this series is a match made in heaven. The characters are strong role models, human beings yet have enough flaws to seem human without being spineless and disinteresting. It has all the elements for a great story.

In order you are looking for the Forest of Hands and Teeth before Dead Tossed Waves. Dark and Hallow Places comes out in March of next year.

Megan Berry Series by Stacey Jay

I originally bought this book for my oldest granddaughter and read it to make sure she was old enough to read it. I

also read it because the author was quite humorous on Twitter when I noticed her and the title of her book. It was a fun read and gave a less apocalyptic use of zombies in a YA series.

Start off with You Are So Undead to Me and continue on from there.

Kiss Me Deadly edited by Trisha Telep

This is the only single title in my post today. Well, single title as in it is one ISBN to purchase. It is an anthology from several authors including the above-mentioned Carrie Ryan and the short story for a YA novel currently being represented from Daniel Marks. Anthologies are a great way to get a taste for several authors as well as get some background information on series characters or supporting characters that you might be more interested about.

Which brings us to the end of today. Monday will bring me back to Madison and more definite Internet connectivity. Hopefully, it will also bring me to the movie theater to see Machete.


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