Buy a Book Day: Day Four

Today’s post is coming from a McDonald’s in the middle of Wautoma, WI. For those of you in my weekly writing group… yes, that Wautoma. Although there is a definite lack of vampires, werewolves and wizards hiding amongst the normal folk here in town a curse has befallen the area. McDonald’s curse of the really damn slow Internet connection and not enough tables forcing me to sit in the playland area where there are no electrical sockets. I will likely be finishing this at the library later as I am already losing juice.

In light of the minimal amount of time and power, as well as the location of today’s blog, I will be focusing on the police procedural books. These would be options that would be strongly suited to you if you are a fan of traditional mystery novels and the like.

Kara Gillian Series by Diana Rowland

This series revolves around Detective Kara Gillian would in your normal every day Louisiana detective. If your every day detective can summon demons to help her solve crimes. She also seems to attract all of the strange crimes to her. Demonic or arcane based serial killers are drawn to her like geeks to a comic book convention. At the heart of it though this is a cop story. You can tell the author’s comfort level with the police voice (due to the fact that she was a cop) in how her main character talks and acts.

The titles of the series in order (of what has been released so far) are Mark of the Demon and Blood of the Demon. If you enjoy them, Secrets of the Demon is due out soon as well as a new series titled I was a White Trash Zombie after that.

Simon Canderous Series by Anton Strout

While not strongly police procedural, the main character is the member of a fictional police agency in New York that secretly polices supernatural crime. It is more a cross between Men In Black and Ghostbusters, but his stints of bureaucratic frustration and government meddling makes it close to this sub-genre. At least closer than anything else on my shelf right now. So if you are a fan of scifi flavored comedy or the Buffy genre of shows, this is an excellent pick for you.

In the order of release there are Dead to Me, Deader Still and Dead Matter released so far. This coming February will see the release of Dead Waves.

Upcoming Suggestions

Depending on schedules for the rest of the weekend, I will either be posting short lists (like this one) or will be doing a longer single post come Monday. The library is close tomorrow after all.


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