Buy a Book: Day 1

With National Buy a Book Day fast approaching, I am considering what I will be offering up as suggestions, but also what I will get. Most of my suggestions will be urban fantasy with a small spattering of young adult fiction. While I said that I would be going outside of my genre to pick something up that I would not normally get, my first suggestion is going to be a book I intend to pick up even though I would totally get this one anyhow – in fact I almost picked it up twice this week so far.

The book is Married with Zombies written by Jesse Petersen. Aside from getting some very good early reviews (and being about zombies) if you go to her blog you can enter a contest to win an ARC of the second book in her series. You know I love me some ARC as much as I love me some zombies.

Originally I was drawn to the book due to a combination of the cover art and the title. The synopsis on the back really sealed the deal for me. It is about a couple that are going to a marriage counselor and at their next session find out she is a zombie. They then use the tricks and skills taught to them by the professional to survive the zombie outbreak. That blurb matched with the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” style cover made me think Mr. and Mrs. Smith Meet Zombies. This made me giggle. Me giggling has two effects; picking up a copy of the book and having people in the bookstore look at me strangely.

So looking for something to pick up for National Buy a Book Day and you were thinking of giving Urban Fantasy or Horror Comedy a try? Consider picking up this one. It released this week and the second in the series is out in January of this coming year. I know I am going to be picking up a copy, maybe two. A zombie has to spread the love, right?


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