Nexus: Wrapping Up Level 5

The last game ends the arc that was the Pilgrimage of Pelor. In reality we had Storytime (cupcakes and a reading of The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Wiffle: The Thing Under the Bed) and the single, final encounter in the temple. Yes, the book is said to come out at the end of July. I picked up an early copy at the SE Wisconsin Festival of Books. The book is funny as hell and needs to be read twice. Trust me on this one. 😉

As for the final encounter in the temple, it involved the party crossing a chasm using bridges to get towards the final test. In this case the final test had been corrupted by a zombified Brellen (wearing a bullheaded mask) attempting to remove the protections around a rod that was housed in the temple for safekeeping. A pack of zombie gnolls that had been “modified” (had sharp metal bits implanted in them to make them more dangerous) were guarding him as he did so. He was also equipped with a rod that looked similar to the one behind the protections.

The group managed to get past the rather vicious pack of gnolls and even began an assault on Brellen. When the odds were turned against him, he decided to burst apart a gem focus on his rod and disappear into mist. His parting words were, “I am no longer a pawn of Pelor, I will live to fight again another day.”

After a quick series of visions that tested Ufgar’s resolve, the temple spirits awarded him the Rod of Undead Control that Brellen had been attempting to release through forceful magic. At it’s touch he could feel the hunger it had to lead the fight against the zombies that had been choking its senses for centuries.

Appearing before them the spirit of the invoker that had given them their location to rest before the final test gave them a chest containing the remaining treasures that were stored at the temple – so that they might be put to good use against the zombie threat. Also because with the war against the undead all but lost and the rod now in the hands of a hero that might put it to use, the temple served no purpose and was a liability to the forces of good. Therefore it would be destroyed once they left through the portal he created to teleport them to the top of the platform where they had entered the stalagmite.

Up on the platform, in the cloud of the fallen temple, the party split apart the gear left to them by the spirit and then took their rest before returning on their quest to slay the zombie forces dragon ally and free the lizardmen’s lair of their infestation.


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