Nexus: The Survey

Already Released

  1. Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide
  2. Forgotten Realms Players Guide
  3. Draconomicon – Chormatic
  4. Manual of the Planes
  5. Open Grave
  6. Dungeon Tiles: Caves of Carnage*
  7. Eberron Players Guide
  8. Plane Above – Secrets of the Astral Sea
  9. Underdark
  10. Planes Below – Elemental Chaos
  11. Draconomicon – Metallic
  12. Divine Power
  13. Players Strategy Guide
  14. Dungeon Tiles: Desert of Athas*
  15. Players Handbook – Tiefling’s Guide
  16. Monster Manual 3
  17. Revenge of the Giants*

*denotes a product I will be picking up myself when able

Upcoming Releases

  1. Dungeon Tiles: Master Set Dungeon* (7/20)
  2. Vor Rukoth Ruins Site (7/20)
  3. Demonomicon (7/20)
  4. Tomb of Horrors* (7/20)
  5. Psionic Power (8/17)
  6. Dark Sun: Marauders of the Dune Sea (8/17)
  7. Dark Sun: Campaign Setting (8/17)
  8. Dark Sun: Creature Vault (8/17)
  9. Rules Compendium (9/21)
  10. Player Essentials: Heroes of the Fallen Lands (9/21)
  11. Gamma World (10/19)
  12. Dungeon Tiles: Master Set City* (10/19)
  13. Dungeon Master’s Kit* (10/19)
  14. Gamma World: Famine in Far-go (11/16)
  15. Monster Vault (11/16)
  16. Player Essentials: Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms (11/16)
  17. Gamma World: Legion of Gold (12/21)
  18. Dungeon Tiles: Master Set Wilderness (12/21)

*denotes a product I intend to pick up myself when able

The idea here is that you comment below with the letter and number of the products you would like to see in our library for player use, or for DM use to be used against you. I probably could have phrased that better. 😉

So, as an example, if I wanted to say that I thought we should pick up Divine Power and Tomb of Horrors, I would comment with AR12 (for Divine Power) and UR4 (for Tomb of Horrors). I was figuring the codes as I am mapping out through the end of the year and there may be multiple products we want to get for the game. I will tally them with a number after them in bold stating how many votes that product got. We will use that as the weighing system.

Also comment if you have any questions on it or want to suggest something else.

For instance, I will likely pick up a DM token kit from Gale Force 9, but I see now that they are putting out a token set for each class. Check them out in case you are interested in them. Not sure on them personally yet. I am thinking they are putting them out around GenCon time.


7 thoughts on “Nexus: The Survey

  1. Obviously I would like Divine power (AR12). I am also a fan of the Dark Sun Setting so UR6, UR7, and UR8 would be fine with me.

    I would throw out there too if you wanted to pick up some different minis (like say an undead dragon) I would be down with that as well.


  2. I’ve skimmed AR13 and it has some good material, and I think UR9 might be beneficial to gameplay. I like CJ’s suggestion about the minis also

  3. I like Cj’s Darksun suggestions of UR6, UR7 and UR8. I am also a bit interested in AR12, just to see what Brellen is gonna hit us with…. 😉

    On the subject of minis, I would be more than happy to paint up the groups minis if people didn’t have time/effort to do so. Just supply me with the mini and a general paint scheme you would want and I can go from there. There is also the option of getting the pre-painted minis from Wizards for the classes, but that tends to be a bit of an expense since the packs usually have 4 characters in them and most would only be using 1 out of it.

  4. Van, I would greatly appreciate some help on my rogue mini; I’ve had the damn thing for over a year but can’t will myself to attempt the painting, I’m afraid it will come out poorly.

    As for buying minis, there are a number of sites that sell individual figures, affording you the opportunity to “mix and match” whichever minis you need for a campaign or adventure group. I have had great success with Troll and Toad in the past. I copied the link below if anyone wants to check it out.

  5. Blaine, check out my blog for a pic of one of the figs I submitted to Cool Mini or Not. Mosty scores are around 4s mine ended up being a 5.7 (73 voters not bad). It will let you see what I am capable of. (Or ask Joe, he’s seen my stuff in person.) =)

  6. I perused the reaper website and found a few figs that people may enjoy. Just type the number into the search. The list is as follows:

    CJ – 2803, 3389
    Kim (human form) – 2183, 2451, 3094
    Nick – 2888 (perfect for him and Poosh)
    Mike – 2701, 2816
    Blaine – (if your figure you have doesn’t work) 2883, 2962

    Just go to to check these out. Just some freindly suggestions, and Last Square should have the majority of them, I plan on picking up mine tomorrow. Misty should have a decent selection as well.


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