A Political Post!

Something rarely seen on this blog. A post about politics. Well, loosely based around politics. More of a rant, really. At the very least it is a response to something I saw on Twitter that could not be commented on in less than 140 characters.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, it is this press conference video that was passed around Twitter this morning. Joe Biden taking it to the mat. He even does it with humor – self-deprecating humor. That alone almost makes this a Rule #32 post, because a politician that can make fun of themselves is a huge thing.

This video right here gives me the answer for the next time one of my hard core Republican in-laws asks me, “So are you happy with your vote? Are you really?” And for the record, this question was posed to my wife in exactly those words with all of the bite you are imagining is there plus a little. And my reaction now is even more firmly rooted it what it would have been back then.

“Yes. Yes we are. Are you?”

I never ceases to amaze me the people that will lambaste the Democrats while taking complete advantage of the social programs the Democrats push and the Republicans oppose. In some cases abusing those social programs.

As I stated before in a previous blog, I am really neither Republican or Democrat. I am more “best person for the job at hand” kind of a person. I vote based on their issues, stances and what I feel we need as a community. If I feel the best person for the position is a Republican, that would be the way I vote. The way the Republican Party seems to be acting like petulant little children, I doubt I will vote for them again in my lifetime.

This administration is holding a corporation responsible for the damage they caused to people’s lives. I know, novel concept, right? To have anyone claim this is misconduct is ridiculous and shows a complete lack of responsible behavior and compassion on their part. To have it be a Republican office-holder showing an outright lack of compassion for his constituents and the ability to sacrifice them to protect big business makes me wonder how anyone can still support that party any more.

Say what you will about the current administration, but they are the ones stepping in to make sure the little guy who is struggling to make ends meet in the gulf coast is taken care of. Your Republican representation wants to sell you out to protect the corporation’s interests.

Am I happy with my vote? Practically dancin’ a frickin’ jig over here. How about you?


One thought on “A Political Post!

  1. I totally agree. Thanks for sharing this video. I rarely follow the news, especially about politics, so if you hadn’t pointed it out I probably would never have seen it. Thank you.

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