Nexus: The Pilgrimage of Pelor

The party sat ready to enter the underground to underwater lair of the lizardmen that had been taken over by the draconic legions that are attempting to enslave the entire dead world with their dragon zombies and the zombified minions. In the path towards the back entrance to the lair, the group finds evidence of a holy site that is a pilgrimage for the faithful of Pelor. The cleric convinces the group to check it out.

The highlights of this adventure to date include:

  • A fight along the bridge/top of the “tower” (worked stalagmite) with an undead beholder (gauth), 2 wereboars, 2 zombies and 2 corruption corpses.
    • The cleric and warden both are thrown from the bridge, putting them temporarily out of the fight. The battlerager contracts Moontusk Fever from the wereboars.
  • An extended rest sleeping among the mushroom “forests” on the ground around the tower.
  • A fight in an arena-like room against a group of mushroom men (4 guards and 2 “priests”) as well as a few sporlings and a zombie ogre the priests controlled through the use of mushrooms on/in him.
    • The group attempted to take another extended rest in this room as the fight took a lot out of them. They awoke not feeling well. The battlerager still had Moontusk Fever and all of the party awoke down 2 healing surges.
  • The thief failed in his attempt to pick open the mechanism to open the portcullis and the group had to strongarm it up to being half-raised so they could all get through.
  • The group steps into a portal and are transported into a room. Once they enter runes circle the room telling of the Test on the Path of Three. The Path of Three being the tenants to the Church of Pelor.
  • On the Trial of Protection, the group enters a room where a pair of infected ogres with giant clubs stand in a room with a pair of glowing motes. Corner rooms also have motes. As the fight enters a pair of infected goblinoid archers (gnolls actually) and a pair of infected tigers join in on the fight. The creatures start using the motes to travel from portal to portal flanking the group.
    • During the fight the battlerager becomes infected with the zombie rot as well as the moontusk fever. The group attempts another extended rest in the room before leaving it. They manage it, but while the dwarf recovers from the Moontusk Fever, the Zombie Rot worsens.
  • The Trial of Light is the second test they are given. In this test all six of the enemies they previously faced appear in the room and the motes are now glowing pillars of light. The cleric informs the group that standing within them will allow them to grant radiant damage.
    • The warden also figures out in shoving one of the tigers into the pillar of light that it will destroy the infected creatures.
  • The Trial of Healing is the final test in which the 6 motes are replaced with fallen villagers. They are unconscious but alive, and there are two zombies chewing on each of them. The party rushes to heal them before they are killed and eaten by the zombies.
    • They manage to save all of the “villagers” from the attack.
  • They are then met by a spirit guardian of Pelor in a room where they are provided with beds, food and a chance to heal. They are informed there is one more test, but it may be more difficult than the tests that were normally set up for the pilgrimage. There is another that has led an assault on the holy place and is in the final temple attempting to get access to some artifact that’s safety was entrusted to this temple long ago.

Next game is Sunday June 20th, unless people inform me that they cannot make it by 5:00 that night.


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