Thursday Rant

Although I try not to rant too badly in this blog, every now and again we are faced with the things that just make us say, “Really?” Seriously. Calling it out like a mantra as we try and refrain from hitting our heads against the nearest object until this makes sense.

Let’s start out with the fact that we are in a state where you can be pulled over if you are not wearing your seatbelt. No moving violation needs to happen, just for the officer to notice you not wearing your belt. This in and of itself is not a “headdesk” moment, but what happened this morning was. I was driving behind a police car with someone riding in the back. The officer was the one not wearing his seatbelt. Allow me to repeat that so it sinks in – the guy whose job it is to ticket people for driving without a seatbelt on was not wearing his seatbelt while driving.

Moment two came when I was driving the QuinJetta (now my wife’s primary car) into the parking ramp this morning. In the ramp there are designated “Compact Cars Only” spots. The two spots per corner that are wider and longer for vehicles like our truck are not marked with “Vehicles with Speedometers Measuring in Knots Only” though. What does that mean? That means someone with a damn VW Golf parked there. Seriously? Did you need the extra room? Are you that bad of a driver? For me, this is like the people that block the diesel pumps at the gas station even though there are open unleaded pumps further down the line.

And the last one was coming in to the office I saw that my coworker finally made it to work on time. And used that opportunity to sit at the “bike to work day” breakfast in the lobby/entry area. In addition to not making it in on time for weeks, this was also the second day this year he biked to work. It is not much help to the environment if you only do it when there is something in it for you.


One thought on “Thursday Rant

  1. You should have pulled over the cop and given him a citizens arrest for the $10 no seatbelt ticket. No, there is no particular reason as to why I know that the seatbelt tickets are $10…

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