Rule #32: Core Values

Enjoy the Little Things.

That is what Rule #32 (and the associated blog entries) are all about right? But what are the little things? Are the “Little Things™” for me the same as for you? Would you consider popping a feeding zombie in the melon with the car door as you drove by one of them like Tallahassee? Or for you would it just be a simple cup of coffee on a cool spring morning? That is what I was considering this past weekend.

Remember back a ways I had posted about how I would not begrudge anyone their love of the Twilight books? I meant that. Even in light of my own feelings on the characters and messages I see in the books – I meant that. The thing is that I expect to see that same effort given towards me and my opinions. For instance, is my active dislike of Twilight because I am jealous of her success? No. Which is not to say I am not jealous, because I am. I am so jealous it takes me from a fall pallet to a summer. (Obscure green joke, I know.) But, that does not invalidate my logical look at the characters and situations in the book. That does not invalidate my opinion. Especially if I am able to state a logical opinion and back it up with evidence. I am not simply saying, “It’s crap and I could write a novel ten times better!”

This came up as I was discussing the upcoming movies. With a new truck payment I have found the need to cut corners. That means holding off on new books (Leaguers and Local Authors are the exception to that rule – in moderation), limiting trips to the coffee shop (with the occasional emergency trip there to stave off the DTs) and limiting which movies we go to in the theater. That last one is the core of this discussion. Mainly this is the case as there seems to be a drop in the “blockbuster” or “must see” movies this season. So I have been prioritizing. Jonah Hex? Probably not until DVD. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World? I know what I am doing that Friday night.

Which brings me to this coming weekend. I am at a loss. The A-Team comes out and while it may be cheesy and campy, it will be cheesy and campy in all the best ways. Enter in the Highway 18 Drive In. A treat that we have not done in over a year and a half. Two movies for the price of one. Food is a bit costly, but damn good burgers. They are showing The Karate Kid (also opening weekend) and Bounty Hunter (Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston). The Bounty Hunter never made it to the list of “gotta go see,” but was one we intend on seeing at some point. Karate Kid was dancing the line. It is really the Kung Fu Kid, but I love me some martial arts movie and I not only wanted to see Jackie Chan in the Mr. Miyagi-like role, but I also want to see what kind of moves Jaden Smith can bring.

At least one person scoffed at me for my voicing of wanting to see these two movies. One person even went so far as to claim it was silly I would ever want to see the karate kid much less choose it over the A-Team. Here is the thing, (and I have noticed and inability to do this from many people my age) I can enjoy things that I enjoyed as a kid/teen. Now I am not about to go swimming through a ball-pit at Chuck E. Cheese popping up every now and again to claim, “Bazinga!” But that does not mean I cannot enjoy watching a remake of The Karate Kid.

Now let me put out a couple of disclaimers here before things go too far. First of all, in the event that you have an argument as to why you think the choice of that book or movie would be a bad idea that cannot be rebutted with quantifiable evidence, you have a valid point. An example of a non-valid argument is, “The sentence structure in that book was horrible! It was completely unreadable!” (In that situation the book in question was written in proper English. That was the “poor writing” that made that book “unreadable” to the commenter.)

Also, be forewarned that this idea of keeping an open mind and allowing yourself to enjoy things that might be considered “poor quality” has its pitfalls. While you can go see a campy movie, or one that is getting horrible reviews based on the fact that you are not going to see it to seem more intelligent or to catch the first glimpse of an Oscar Award winning performance, you can get caught with some genuinely unentertaining movies. Hell, I myself have seen several zombie movies that even I felt were not worth the time. One of them I even shut off and didn’t watch the full movie.

Earlier this week Stacia Kane challenged male readers to pick up a book whose female-oriented cover or genre (like paranormal romance) might normally fly under our radar. She challenged us as male readers to pick up a book that would be considered a normally female dominated genre and read it, claiming we may just like it. I issue the same challenge to the readers here.

Find a movie in the next month that may look like it has something fun to it, but is normally not something you would go see. Maybe take a look at skipping the air-conditioned, huge screen and comfy chairs and go watch a movie at a drive-in for the experience. Go watch the A-Team because, “hey, I want to see shit get blown up tonight!” You never know, if you go to a Michael Bay movie wanting to see shit get blown up followed by the cheesy pan-up-and-circle-the-main-characters camera shot, you may just enjoy it. Try to remember that going to see a movie like that is not a mortal sin that instantly proves you to be unintelligent or low class. It shows that you are human and you wanted an entertaining night out with your spouse, family and/or friends.


One thought on “Rule #32: Core Values

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve expanded my reading in the last year and have found many great books that I wouldn’t have touched otherwise. If I have the money and inclination, I might take you up on your challenge and go see a movie that I normally wouldn’t bother with.


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