Wordathon Memorial Day Weekend

While I was not online as much as I would have liked this weekend we had some real progress through the extra day of weekend we were allotted. Hopefully we can do this again and hopefully I can be a bit more active in it next time. Remember to keep checking @jimsissy and the #wordathon hashtag in Twitter for information on the next #wordathon coming up.

For now, here are the results from the weekend

Editing People

Pages Done

@heatherwpetty 168
@kristycolley 56
@blanghinrichs (also writing) 7



@CidWrites 14281
@sisik 12294
@RobertWLeonard 4200
@Zombie_Joe 4024
@Jinxie_G 3676
@DinaJames (aka #gunnyjames) 2009
@blanghinrichs (also editing) 1725
@snyderw 1256
@ajackwriting 1200

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