Rule #32: Memorial Day 2010

If you are following me in a social networking site, are friends with me locally, or simply a frequent reader of this blog and have no idea what Rule #32 is, then get thee to Netflix and start your homework! (Hint: the movie is Zombieland.) But Rule #32 isn’t just something that is taken in a 90 minute increment whenever you have time to bust out the DVD. It is taken in small doses every day. At the very least you should be finding a little thing to enjoy every other day. I would rephrase that, but those little “slips” are one of the little things I enjoy.

Even though this is the Memorial Day edition of the Rule #32 category, I am going to go back a bit further. If you have the misfortune of following me on Twitter, you will know that a week ago I was posting that people should get their numbers in the pool now. The pool was how long it would take before I made one of my wife’s cousins bleed. In general that weekend was a weekend of REALLY searching for those little things that kept me from opening up on her family. We were there for my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary – and for the record, my wife was the only one of their three kids to attend, much less organize and cover the whole affair.

The little things I found up in Wisconsin Dells that week included:

  • A Starbucks with a drive through in it. That saved someone’s life that weekend.
  • A bar and grill that made faaaaantastic burgers and featured monkeys all over the place. Seriously. Monkeys.
  • A book store that not only had Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane out early but also had a shelf that was labeled Urban Fantasy.
  • Battle of the Network Zombies by Mark Henry being in the New Romance section of said book store.

By far though the best of them came during the ladder golf tournament her cousins want to run every year. Sixteen teams of two players – every year. Double elimination – every year. And – every year – they are shocked at how many games doing double elimination adds. I have given up explaining it to them. In addition, we do not talk as freely around her family as we do mine. They are just not as “open” as my family is. The “little thing” came when one of her cousins commented on how he was going for points because he “wanted more of a spread.” To which I replied, “Isn’t that what all men want? [pause] Oh, was that my outside voice?”

That leads into Memorial Day weekend. Which brought a whole mess of little things but I will try to wrap them up quickly.

We bought a truck so that we can pull our camper since we have given up our seasonal site. The truck is definitely not the little thing. In fact, in addition to curtailing my book spending for the next seven years, it is big enough I am concerned it will not fit in the garage of my condo. (I have not attempted it yet.) The little thing is the salesperson bringing Robin her keys and fiddling with that big red thing on her keychain. Her container of pepper spray. Lucky for him just pushing the button doesn’t activate it – as it was pointed in his face when he clicked the button a couple times.

As we pulled in to the camp site that our friends were on in Governor Dodge State Park on Sunday, I knew I would take some abuse. A new truck, I was using my phone to check in to foursquare, and the friend who was camping is my hunting partner (so a bit of a redneck). But said redneck was giving me crap for my phone syncing to my truck and checking “the Internet” in the middle of the woods when we were hunting… as he is using his cell phone to give his laptop an Internet connection in the middle of a state park. The irony of that was definitely the one of the little things. And for the record, he still defends that he was using his cell phone like a modem so that is totally different.

Last, but surely not least was at the Monday cookout at my parents house. We were discussing campers with my brother-in-law and he was commenting on a smaller camper that had the bed lengthwise on the trailer. He claimed this was better as you would not have to “roll over each other when getting in and out of it.” As he was preparing to go into the backyard I replied, “But what if we like rolling over each other to get in and out of it?” He flushed up, opened the sliding door and walked straight into the screen door. My wife gave me a high five for that one.

What instances of Rule #32 have you had lately?


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