Nexus at 5th Level

With a new player starting and the adventure logs I started back at the beginning taking a back seat to the manuscript, here is a brief overview to what the party has discovered/accomplished as to the point just before Level 5.

  • Investigated the ruined church just along the path leading out of Nexus through the Shield. (Defeated the goblins that were posted there.)
  • Cleared the crypt behind the church of the zombies that were contained within. (Bound the crypt back up until it could be cleansed and took the remains of a Dragonborn Paladin to be put to rest at his family’s holdings.)
  • Peformed the ritual to seal and shield the church. Symbol of Bahamut (HS of Life +1) is the key for entrance.
  • Searched out Scalegaurd Manor to put Kryssh to rest.
  • Saved Poosh (hatchling pseudodragon) from a group of undead performing some ritual on him. His mother was killed so he has traveled with the party for now.
  • Brellan was captured by a zombie dragon that flew off with him while a young white dragon kept the party occupied. (Brellan was infected at the time.)
  • Located Scaleguard Manor, clearing it of the kobolds that had taken up residence there and the graveyard that was brimming with zombies.
  • Set up Scaleguard Manor as a fortified safe house with Skraak the kobold wizard who is a follower of Bahamut there as their oracle.
  • Rescued a group of kobolds that were hiding in a farmhouse and beset by a full-on zombie horde. Returned to the Manor with all of them in tow, losing none of them in the escape.
  • Fought their way through a stronghold that was taken over by a young dragon who was enslaving a tribe of kobolds. Many were used to swell the horde of zombies the zombie dragon controlled. Party came back with another group of kobolds who were loyal to Bahamut.
  • Using the ritual gathered from the stronghold, the party cleansed the crypt by the church just outside of Nexus as well as the graveyard behind the Manor.
  • Fences have been erected around the graveyard and the Manor. Reconstruction on the servants quarters building has begun as well.
  • Marcus took ill and decided to stay at the Manor to help set up defenses as they built the walls.
  • A new adventurer, an archer, came upon the Manor and was looking for a safe place to rest. In exchange for entrance into the Manor he has offered to accompany the group in Marcus’ absence.
  • The group decides to head north and attempt to sway or destroy any of the dragon minions that the zombie dragon is attempting to bring up and infect for his armies. There is a dragon in the swamps to the north.
  • A group of lizardfolk are found leaving the swamp area. They offer a scout to lead them to the underground lair they were driven from when the dragon looked to expand his area.
  • Most of the lizardfolk went to the Manor for refuge while the scout took the group on to the lair.

At the above water entrance to the lair at the edge of the swamp (the lair is partially submerged) is where the group is at currently.


2 thoughts on “Nexus at 5th Level

  1. I have just put the finishing touches on my character and look forward to meeting the group, this campaign sounds great.

  2. No mention of the picking up of the Dwarf in there. No biggie. Waiting to see just how effective Zombie Brellen is going to be (or if it is just a clever ruse to keep us on our toes). Definately liking the super sniper bowman you are playing Blaine. Not the powerhouse Marcus was but still nasty.

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