Romantic Times 2010

I have made several attempts on blogging about Romantic Times so far. All of them seem too drawn out and not really to the point. In light of this what I am giving you now are the highlights – a bullet list of the event from my decaying eyes.

Tuesday Evening Tweetup

We had to really push through on the driving to make it in time for the Tweetup, and had to shuttle to the convention hotel early to be there in time, but it was worth it. Finally had the chance to meet the likes of Heather Osborn, Mark Henry, Dakota Cassidy, Jaye Wells and Michele Bardsley in person. We also were able to reveal Mark Henry’s special “Amanda and Wendy” cupcakes. And yes, there are photos of several authors doing wicked, wicked things with them.

Wednesday Morning Breakfast

I wound up playing Twitter-Tag (that’s right, we invented a new game) with Diana Rowland because we had both decided to sit down at the Big Bar on Two and as I did not want to disturb her when she was working, I sent a tweet stating I was two tables away. She tweeted she was going to meet me at the coffee place and took off. Basically it was like an Abbott and Costello bit – with coffee. Mark Henry came down saying he was watching the whole thing and claiming we were idiots. Of course he was the one enthralled with the show. Breakfast was well worth skipping the panel for RT virgins. I learned way more about the con and definitely had more fun.

Dinner Wednesday Night

I decided to skip the Caveman Stripper Show and shuttled back to the hotel to have dinner with my wife. The dinner was relaxing and I was in bed before 1am (unlike most of the League). I was however able to catch the various tweets and blurry pictures from the snarking that happened at the Ellora’s Cave event. Yet another reason not to go – even though I work for an Athletic Department whose colors are crimson and white, I had no red attire with me for the week.

Thursday Morning Shuttle

A young lady who was there as a reader was commenting on her biggest wish for the con was to get her book signed by Mario Acevedo. I was able to give her the schedule for the League at Club RT and pimp out the passports. I told her the passports would also give her a wonderful reading list if she liked the Felix Gomez series.

Thursday Lunch

I had decided I would sit down at the food court for lunch solo and enjoy some semi-quiet time. After finishing my lunch I was sitting in the food court when Diana Rowland walked up, plopped Creepy Doll in my lap and announced she was going to get food. If you have not encountered the legend of RT that is Creepy Doll, just know that she is creepy. On the upside I did get to meet and lunch with people like Diana, Jaye Wells, NK Jemisin and John Scalzi. We compared RT to the more standard scifi convention that John and I were familiar with and had a conversation that started with “the funniest autopsy I ever saw was…”

Friday Evening at “That $2 Vodka Place”

While the bar was called Brothers, it was from that point on being referred to as “That $2 Vodka Place.” Honestly I am surprised that this didn’t overtake the Char Bar as the League’s hangout of choice. That may be due to the fact that Diana brought the Creepy Doll out with her. There is photographic proof on Nicole Peeler’s blog! Additionally this trip was historic in that I almost made Jaye Wells cry, something not even Mario Acevedo was able to accomplish.

Friday Evening at the Big Bar

Sitting and talking with Diana Rowland, Heather Brewer, Kasey Mackenzie, Blake and Shannon Butcher. It was fun as these were the people I had things in common with. I was not the only gamer at the table. Additionally we had Creepy Doll shenanigans (Heather and Diana hid it in Jackie Kessler’s bed since she was scared of it). We even have a picture of Jim Butcher sitting with Creepy Doll on his lap looking very concerned. It was also cool as it was we started the evening by Heather, Diana and I taking a walk over to the Starbucks for coffee and then trying to make the people milling about the arena to look up at the imaginary thing in the sky we were pointing at. (Note: We got two people to do it.)

Saturday Book Fair

I managed to get in and head straight back to the corner where they had the tables set up for Charline Harris and Jim Butcher. I know, ironic I was about to wait in line to get a book signed by someone I was sitting at the bar with the night before. I made it into Charline’s line before they started handing out numbers. For Jim Butcher I was in fairly early, but not before Shannon had sold out of books. Which left me to get her books the old fashioned (and unsigned) way.

Saturday Book Fair Mrs. Zombie Edition

My wife’s high points to the day were not only getting my copy of The Forest of Hands and Teeth and Dead Tossed Waves signed by Carrie Ryan, but also when I went to get a copy of Scent of Shadows from Vicki Pettersson. Having Carrie Ryan recognize Zombie Joe was pretty cool, but it was funny as hell when Vicki Pettersson thrust a camera at my wife and asked to take a picture for her. Keep in mind of the thousands of people in the book fair, most of them that I knew were behind tables. Which makes the odds of Liz Darvill walking up behind me to give me bunny ears at just that moment pretty damned astounding. I hear the photo is hilarious. (Note: I am about as photogenic as an autopsy table, so it was likely for the best it was funny.) 😉

Saturday Night

Rock Band, hooch and cake. Well at the late night literature reading. With how much they were talking about their love of cupcakes, I was surprised that Vicki Pettersson and Angela James were not there, but the entire thing was a blast. My wife was even threatened with physical violence by Michelle Rowen, aka Miss Sunshine.

Wrap Up

I really have to thank everyone I mentioned here as well as all of the others I met up with at the convention. Especially all of the League of Reluctant Adults – even the “honorary” ones. Even if I did not spend much time with every member of the League there, the group as a whole helped me to feel like that was where I was supposed to be.

I can’t promise I will have the time or the money to make next year, but if 2012 is really in NOLA, then you know that Mrs. Zombie and I will be there! And this time she will be getting a spouses badge so we can make all the parties. Cupcakes will have to wait until we figure out which is the next one we are making and how we are getting there.

Last Minute Add

Damn, how could I have forgotten this. Saturday night Michele Bardsley gave me and my wife the key to the suite so that we could get everything put away for the party that night and start setting up. Afterwards, we couldn’t find her, so I was joking about getting t-shirts made saying, “I went to RT and all I got was Michele Bardsley’s room key!”


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