Bring out yer cake…

With C2E2 approaching I was asking the people at Bleeding Heart Bakery which location was closest to McCormick Place. In getting the location I had realized something else. Back in February I had said I would make a blog with photos of the zombie cake my wife had made for my 40th birthday party. It had started out as seeing the zombie head cakes that Bleeding Heart has done and then me telling my wife that for 40 years all I wanted was a zombie cake.

What it ended up being is my wife deciding that she really likes baking so she was going to teach herself to do it. Through a class, lots of books, watching Food Network a bunch and lots of trial batches she managed to make a zombie cake without even having to work with fondant. If you are interested in cake decorating or simply like looking at food, I will go through the steps she took to get there. If you simply want to see the zombie, scroll down. 😉

First off was the class she took to learn the techniques in decorating the cakes. She even tricked… uh… I mean offered… my mother a chance to take the class with her. For her first one she did not like any of the ideas in the book. They were all teddy bears and the like. She wanted to do something cool. I told her she had hundreds upon hundreds of stained glass patterns – she should just do one of those. So, for her first cake (and the first D&D game with the new group) we had the stained glass cake.

Some of the more detailed photos I put in at larger size, but not many. I am starting to run out of space and may have to purchase some space soon. You can click on the photos for more detail – such as the stained glass one above.

One of the other advanced techniques from this class was making clown cupcakes. I kid you not, little frosting clowns complete with detailed creepy looking plastic heads. My wife was never going to make these again, so was not going to buy the little plastic heads. My mother did though, so we did actually have some clown cupcakes to show for it. Well we had 6 of them anyhow. The rest she went with my suggestion…

With the stroke of the cake knife and the fall of a creepy clown head releases the power of the Cake Quickening. Or more to the point, instead of buying a bunch of creepy plastic heads for one use, I told her it would be awesome to blob on some red gel and make a bunch of beheaded clowns. She decided to do the gel at home instead of scary her classmates. I told her it was a moot point as she already told them she was taking the class to make a zombie cake. Our D&D group loved the beheaded clowns.

The final task were making roses. Although not really a fan of frosting flowers, she still did them. Seems to me that for not liking them, she did a damn fine job. Her final cake actually said “Ta-Da” on it since she had nothing else to write and was not really enjoying that final project. I just added the detail photo in an effort to conserve space. The full cake photo is in her Facebook Gallery.

The final cake she made was a red velvet cake with a cereal treat head covered in modeling chocolate, twinkies for the arms and legs (since every zombie party needs a GD Twinkie), and a brain made out of modeling chocolate. The Headstone was a chocolate pound cake with chocolate skulls and chocolate engraving. The end result looked awesome and tasted great. I should know, we were eating leftover for a week!

Since then my wife has done a number of other cakes. A Day of the Dead cake for my step-daughter’s birthday (based off of one we saw from Bleeding Heart Bakery), a fishing bucket cake for my step-son (the scales are colors almond slices), and a variety of cupcakes including baby ones for our daughter-in-law’s baby shower. Only in a family of a guy named Zombie Joe is eating the child in effigy not considered creepy. By far the most entertaining was the duck cake she made for my father’s birthday. She made it a carrot cake using applesauce and such to keep the sugars down and then whipped cream frosting. This was her first attempt at it, and we think the low-fat versions made for rather liquid like frosting. It went from a waterfall cake to our 2012 cake. The Mayans were apparently predicting the squishing of ducks!

Click on the thumbnails for the full photos and detail shots.


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