Traditional 19th Anniversary Gift

I know your 1st anniversary is paper – proof that after your first year of marriage you cannot afford to give her more than a lovely note or poem (assuming origami is not one of the features that attracted her to you). I also remember that the 7th anniversary is wool. I suppose that is where the term seven year itch comes from. And the 25th is silver, but what does one get their spouse on their 19th anniversary? I have figured it out… Neil Gaiman.

I know many of you are confused right now. My brother-in-law especially as he does not know who Neil Gaiman is. (If you are reading this Jim, you still have to surrender your membership card to the geek union.) But follow me on this one. This year, Halloween Weekend the House on the Rock is holding a special event to celebrate American Gods – one of Gaiman’s books that has a focal point on the carousel located at the historical location. A full weekend of events, a costume party, a scavenger hunt and a reading/Q&A with the author himself.

My wife is not a geek. She is a geek magnet, but she is not a geek. This is what 22 years together will do to a couple – she is taking on some geeky traits. Once she was about half way through Neverwhere on audiobook she told me, “You should listen to this, I think you’d like it.” She has even taken to going to zombie movies with me again, and is getting quite adept at knowing when to hide her eyes. Earlier this year she modeled me a cake for my 40th birthday party of a zombie crawling out of his grave. And, during ALA last year she stood in line with me for 2 hours to get an autographed copy of The Graveyard Book. She even got one signed for Edgar – who we were meeting at the Bleeding Heart Bakery on our way home. (Edgar was Gaiman’d!)

I mentioned that the event was going on and she thought it sounded fun. Keep in mind that Halloween is pretty much our holiday – so much so that we have taken to using our Halloween decorations as our Christmas decorations (with some modifications). So the idea of a themed costume party at the event with winning costumes getting a ride on the carousel has her excited. So this year for our anniversary – which is really in December – we will be partying American Gods style at the House on the Rock Attraction and Resort.

A definite benefit to the trip is that once she has completed reading Battle of the Network Zombies by Mark Henry, she is going to pick up my copy of American Gods to get motivation for her costume. I know how our summer will be spent now. I am still trying to decide if I want to talk her into an extra day and go to American Players Theater either before or after the weekend at the House on the Rock. I suppose that depends on her vacation restraints and what is playing this season. Of course in checking the calendar on their site it seems their last play of the season is October 17th. Oh bother.

Anyone else planning on partying like an American God in October?


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