Heard at the Game Table

This is right up the lines of “Gamers Say the Darnedest Things” but more about a single line heard last night. Seriously this is a quality over quantity thing. Well, that and the sheets I have been keeping for the last month did not travel to the coffee shop with me this morning.

Last night we were leveling everyone’s character’s up to 4th level. Encounters have been going quickly for the most part and we are well into the search of the areas directly outside of Nexus and are “setting up shop.” Call it the RPG equivalent of the first waypoint. The players were discussing their characters and the general feel for the session even though it took a while to set up the plans for the escape. (Picture Night of the Living Dead, except they were leading families of kobolds out of the farmhouse and towards the manor they were setting up.)

Van, the only player to switch characters yet was discussing his happiness with the new one. He was not feeling the fit of an invoker in the group (a divine controller class) but said that he thought the character would have worked better in a different setting.

The line of the night came from Frank. “What part of Zombie Joe is running a campaign did you not get?”

Yes, the world outside of Nexus fell to a zombie outbreak. We spent a bit joking about how Frank should have been outfitted with a snakeskin jacket and a tarp hat before they all left for the night.

For the record, the time spent planning the escape was worth it as they managed to escape the farmhouse without a single casualty. Although the zombies tried really hard with Van’s dwarf. In addition to having the largest number of zombies surrounding him, they seemed to be rolling the best against him. I think I had 3 or 4 critical hits on him during the course of the encounter. That stumpy fighter can take a beating!


One thought on “Heard at the Game Table

  1. I agree, that “stumpy fellow”, as you call him, took enough damage to kill him outright. Those temporary hitpoints are wonderful, especially on a night where you seemed all to eager to throw the 20s at me. There is a reason the little guy has an 8 charisma.

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