Just For Fun

I have decided that political blogs are depressing. So I have decided it is time to post up my photos of Blood of the Demon. It was part of a contest that Diana Rowland was running on her site. Also a testament as to how I was able to read it as fast as I did while reading Mage in Black at the same time.

First of all there was taking the book with me every morning for coffee and yogurt with my son before school.

Then there was the obvious that it would come with me to game night. Especially the ones at the game store where I had to sit and wait for things to start.

And finally there is the motivation behind reading so fast. I couldn’t let Socks beat me through the book!


2 thoughts on “Just For Fun

  1. Yes, I do see something else sticking out there besides the arms and legs. It’s frightening.

    What a fun pictures. I won two of Diana’s books in a League Challenge, and I am really excited to read them. I’m sure my books will not have as interesting a journey as yours did:)

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