Continuing Zombie Politics

As if the entire concept of calling a group of people Teabaggers was not silly enough to make me not listen to you. (Seriously, “teabagging” is not a political stance – a stance, just not a political one.) Look at it all. Catcalls of “he is not an American” to “teabagging” and ending with our Republican party representatives acting like petulant little children on a schoolyard. You beat me so I am taking my toys and going home! And now, they are refusing to work after 2pm.

Really? Is this where we are at? Suppose I decided I just didn’t feel like working and left at 2:00 in the afternoon. I would get fired. Realistically that seems like what should be happening to them. Take a few of these political, windbag d-bags and write them up for job abandonment. Refusing to meet for committees dealing with the issue of 100,000 homeless veterans? Seriously?

Now today I see that Democratic office-holders are being threatened with violence over the fact that they voted for health care reform. In one case a politician’s brother was targeted because the fanatics that posted his address online for the rest of the crazy nutbags to go torment him mistook his brother for the politician. Someone went to his house and cut his propane line to the house.

Bricks are being thrown in windows with notes written on them – speaking to their political beliefs. Really? You think that will get your point across? Did you forget the burning crosses too? Or was the lumber just to expensive in this economy?

Could someone please tell these fanatics that the War on Terror that their party was so proud of their work with is now what they have become? I for one will be sorely disappointed if these people that are throwing bricks, threatening politician’s lives and families and promoting the fear they think they are fighting against do not get put in jail.

I mean people are coming to speeches given by the president with their assault rifles slung over their shoulder and simply not being allowed in the building when people with anti-Bush shirts in the same situation were arrested. For a shirt.

The war on terror is not one simply on foreign soil. It is on all fronts.

For the non-political reader (like me), I apologize for this hiccup in the normally literary discussion. The review of Felix Gomez Book Two will follow tonight.


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