The dwarf is bloodied… and delicious.

With the new psi-classes coming out in the Players Handbook 3, I wanted to have a chance to give them a go myself before deciding to make them an option in the Nexus game. That meant grinding out 4 characters (one for each party role) and popping over to one of the local stores running the event. My preferred option was to play a monk, but as someone else wanted to play a monk I switched to playing a half-elf battlemind. Partially the choice was based on the party makeup being a Runepriest, a Cleric, a Ranger, a Monk and a Psion. I plopped out my folder, my cardbox with cards and miniatures in it, my dice and my coffee – then introduced myself to the healers and said, “You will be keeping me alive all night, pleased to meet you.”

Looking at the battlemat before us, I knew somewhat how this was going to play out after we interacted with the NPCs at the inn. A mugging in the back alley where we had to work across a rickety bridge to get to helping the woman we were to save. I also knew it would have been better had I managed to play the monk as the battlemind in its scale armor and shield is not the most agile of characters – the up side was the Speed of Thought class feature. My initiative may be +0, but as soon as I roll it I can move 9 squares (as I took a feat to improve it from the normal amount). I made a very lucky roll on acrobatics and made it across the bridge to face off to the dwarf (the bad guys defender) before the encounter began.

The bad guys rolled poorly on their initiative and my modest 10 result went before all of them. This is not before the ranger unleashes his daily power on turn one and snipes the tiefling wizard for a critical hit and the halfing sniper for higher than average damage, bloodying both of them in our first action. The elf cleric snipes at the wizard with her own bow for a solid hit, allowing the psion to finish him off, dragging the dead body 1 square with the attack. That left me open to taunt the dwarf with how we are just dragging their corpses around like trash, marking his buddy behind him and attempting an attack to mark him (although missing, the rest of the part made up for it.)

In the second round the ranger uses Twin Strike and manages another critical, this time on their sniper, killing him. For those keeping score, by round 2 their sniper and the guy that could deal ongoing fire damage (as we heard from the other table) were out of the fight. Our psion telekinetically pushed the dwarf back, putting all three remaining bad guys in a line before me. The cleric used one of her powers that granted me a +2 bonus to hit. So I stepped forward and used my Whirling Defense power augmented up two levels. I managed to hit all of them, marking them all. The monk finished one of them off.

The highlight of the night came when the ranger assigned his Hunter’s Mark on the dwarf. One of the players took one of the M&M’s that were sent with D&D sayings on them and placed it on the dwarf for the mark. I think it was the DM that said, “The dwarf is bloodied… and delicious.” That was pretty much the call for the night in my opinion. It summed it all up nicely. During the course of the night I used 2 of my 13 healing surges and my action point. All other expenditures on my part were encounter recharges. All of this culminated into getting done early so I could work on more writing.

I will likely give this another try. With the whole thing taking two hours (assuming that we do not rock it this hard next week) then it does give me a chance to test out some builds before I open them up to my Sunday group as a whole. It also gives me a chance to play as well as run a game.

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