Have you ever been in a Turkish prison, Billy?

This weekend was a collection of craziness all rolled up into one. A real roller-coaster ride. The final blow was finding out this morning that Peter Graves died. Not only did the man have a recognizable voice, but with just Mission Impossible and Airplane alone he has been solidified into my memory.

Although there was much fun to be had from Mrs. Zombie’s birthday dinner, including viewings of Zombieland as well as Zack and Miri make a Porno, I think it is more fitting to relay a story told by Peter Graves during an interview. This was one played on the radio this morning that really summed up how I will likely remember the man now.

It seems that he was standing in line at a store checking out. The boy in front of him seemed to recognize him as did his mother. As they were checking out, they continued to look at him like they knew who he was but couldn’t place it. As they were finishing up with their purchases Peter Graves leaned forward and said, “Do you like gladiator movies, son?” The woman scurried her son out of there pretty quickly after that.

Had I been in line behind him when that happened I would have completely lost it. Just hearing it is a great story. And really, that is the sum of a life once you are gone. What really good stories have you left behind?

I think I might have to watch a gladiator movie in his honor tonight.


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