Making the List and checking it twice…

So the general consensus that I am getting from people is that they are showing up to Columbus on the Tuesday (night) before Romantic Times opens. My reasoning for this was to determine if I go to the Monday-Tuesday writing track. With everyone else showing up later, I see less reason to spend the money. Besides, I want the cupcakes to be fresh when everyone gets there.

This particular blog I have set up to keep a running packing list. Here are the things I have to pick up and pack for the convention…

  • Rock Band (actually I just picked up the Band Hero kit for my Wii. Will rent/pick up Rock Band before I leave)
  • Grey Goose (Stacia and Mark’s all-time fave apparently)
  • Cupcakes (Zombie Cakes, RHSC Cakes, Reeces Pieces Cakes…)
  • Birthday Cake (if James comes with me)
  • Beer (for the lighter drinkers)
  • Several flats of water

If there is anything else you can think of that you want to have, I can pick it up if I can pack it in the QuinJetta (my Jetta wagon). Snacks for the Rock Band party, a particular type of booze. Let me know in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Making the List and checking it twice…

  1. Ahem–I want M&M’s and I don’t want ANY, I repeat, ANY yellow ones to tarnish the innocence of the brown, green, red, blue. Got that? LOLLOLLOLLOL

    Oh, and some Summer’s Eve. Because a girl always wants to be fresh. Snort.

    DC 🙂

  2. you and your guild trips 😛

    PS: if this James guy goes with you then he will bring his rock band with all his downloaded music so that the fellow authors don’t have to put up with Wii instruments. 😛

    PPS: James likes whiskey

    PPPS: Whiskey is very happy

    PPPPS: Whiskey is your friend

    PPPPPS: Anyone who doesn’t like whiskey isn’t a true author

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