Nexus Log: The Way of the Dragon

Adventure Log #1

Jareth pushed through the pressure that was the Shield. A thousand little pins poked at him, chilling his skin as he made his way through to the Wilderlands. From the other side of the shield the sky took on an entirely different look. It had a bright blue that would peek out occasionally from the dull gray that were the clouds that hung overhead. Even the air had a different smell to it. All of that did not matter as the trail that had once led out of Nexus – now overgrown with weeds and grass – beckoned down the winding decent out of the valley.

The six young heroes walked along the path in quiet wonderment. The sights and smells of the world outside of the shielded city of Nexus were something new and alien to them all even if they stood a couple dozen feet outside of the city walls. Sure the council had tried to stop them – had even threatened them with being put in stocks. The reality of it that not even the council could deny was that they had all developed powers, magic that had been unseen in Nexus for many generations. They were given this power for a reason, and the need in Nexus was on the rise. Resources were low and the population was not reducing at all.

Making their way down the trail, Jareth’s mind began to wander. He was starting in on a rather deep dream of soaring among the clouds when the building off in a clearing below came into view. From this far back, there was not much that they could identify about it other than the fact that it was in a serious state of disrepair. Vines were growing up the sides of the buildings and not many of the stained glass windows were in one piece. The closer the party of adventurers approached to the ruins, the more details began to stand out.

“What is that?” Marcus said, pointing towards the image that was carved into the stone above the doors to the structure.

Ufgard stared at it from the distance, trying to make out where he might have seen it from the books back at the temple. “Well, it is obviously a holy symbol of some sort. Between that, the windows and the design of the structure this must have been some kind of pre-war temple.”

The image seemed to have a slight aura about it. The glow surrounding it looked like the embers in a fire that was beginning to burn itself out. The lines of the image popped out in relief through the glow. “That is the symbol of the draconic god Bahamut. He was once the god of nobility and honor in these lands. I get the feeling he wants to be once again.”

The entire group of friends did not know what to expect as they walked further away from the safety of Nexus and further into the ancient past of their people. Each of them held their own reasons and motivations for making their way out into the world. At least two different minions of the old gods held sway over members of the group. No matter how close their connection to these dieties of old, nor the wonders that they seem to be able to control – wonders lost to the people of Nexus for many generations – they were not prepared for what they found inside the temple.

From behind stacked piles of pews rotting and mildewed with age they could see the skittering movements of small creatures. Not small as in the rats or small mammals they would expect, but short gaunt shapes of humanoid creatures with a grayish green skin. They looked feral, hungry and none too friendly. Ufgard looked at them intently and thought back to the tomes on mythology that were kept in them temple’s cellar.

“I thought the goblin armies were just a myth,” he called out, “A metaphor for the corruption in man. By Pelor’s Light, they are real?”

The more aggressive members of the party made their way forward to deal with the threat while Ufgard pulled out some parchment to start jotting down notes. A swarm of the grubby creatures came from around the ends of the walls of pews they had erected to wash over the group. Just as they were getting surrounded Jareth swung his staff towards the wave of goblinoid creatures calling out in some language none of his companions understood. They did understand his next words as half a dozen goblins were blasted back wreathed in fire to fall dead on the floor. “They burn,” he said, “Mark that down, they are not immune to fire.”

The flow of the fight staggered a bit for the would-be heroes as they got used to each others’ style of fighting. The goblins seemed to have a more solid flow, the sure sign of a group that has worked together before. Lucky for the humans, they were not very powerful foes which made up for the differing skill levels between the combatants. By the end of the fight all but one of the archers lay dead on the floor and the final goblin dropped his weapon and ran towards the woods. While the druid shifted into her wolf form and ran after him, she proved unable to track it in the unfamiliar woods.

With the discovery of a ritual under the altar in the temple, Ufgard attempted to use it and the strange dragon-god holy symbol to seal the temple against any further intrusion from beasts or monsters – or anyone not in possession of the holy symbol. To their shock and surprise upon completing the ritual chants a purple light flashed around the temple sealing it in a shield similar to the one covering Nexus. The ritual also restored the temple, repairing the windows, dropping the ivy that had grown to cover the outside walls, and repaired damaged stonework.

Finding that they also held a missive scrawled in a language that was somewhat alien to the adventurers, they deciphered it as orders to keep an eye on the crypt behind the temple. Watching Nexus was a secondary order as they thought everyone in Nexus was dead and gone. After a quick investigation of the back section of the temple, they did in fact find a crypt back there with the heavy iron doors locked with rusty chains about them. They considered leaving it well enough alone, but the ritual for sealing the temple gave instructions on sealing the crypt and cleansing the temple – both of which required a rod that could be found in the lowest level of the crypt.


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