Best Birthday Present Ever

For those of you who have seen the photos or were at the party, you may think I am talking about the most awesome zombie cake that Robin made for me. While that cake was baked with pure awesome and frosted with crazy, that was a short second to the real best birthday present that I got this year. The whole deal of it went through most of the weekend – starting on Thursday night once I was off of work for the week.

The best present ever was the friends, family and people that came out to help me celebrate. If the measure of a man is weighed in the numbers of people that show up with a simple birthday wish then I am a rich man indeed. If the measure of a smart-ass is weighed in the amount of friends and family that show up to give him shit on his birthday, I guess I am Bill Frickkin’ Gates!

For the whole week Rob Thurman has been posting and reposting a photo she doctored up to make me look like a prison bound fish of a smurf. While she may not have done this intentionally for my birthday, it did blast off the week of snark. It finalized on Saturday the 13th at my most awesome of parties (again, thanks to my wife) and my friends attempting to “give me the business” and me, considering that smurf photo, being able to tell them that they were amateurs and would have to do better than that to get the best of me.

The morning of my birthday I was able to throw down in a small, but snark-ridden word war. Being able to do that is really one of the best ways I could think to start off my birthday. Having a couple of your favorite authors saying “Happy Birthday” from between snarks is not bad either. I might not have nailed down as many words as I would have liked, but then that would have detracted from snark time.

For those of you that were unable to attend, I have a number of photos from the night in Facebook. The photo gallery should be viewable by all. A specific cake gallery (including the “making of” gallery) will follow once we get those photos off the camera. I will slowly be adding descriptions and people who were there but are not on Facebook so I could not just tag to their accounts.

For those of you who came out for the food, fun and (Lord willing) a GD Twinkie – I thank you all. For those of you who could not make it out, I will get you out for the 50th. Or maybe our 25th anniversary – we’ll see. But for all of you who made it, to all of you who sent me a birthday wish through Facebook, Twitter or some other means. Thank you for making sure I faced 40 (I hear the official age for old) with support.

For those friends who now claim I am part of your generation because I am 40. Well, no matter which decade I am in I am still younger than you. And you know who you are…


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