Gamers Say the Darnedest Things

I have touched on the infamous case of incredible things that my gaming friends have said during our gaming sessions. Tonight was no exception. In fact, tonight was a pretty strong showing. I present them more for our game blog, but also for your entertainment.

  • Who wants to be touched? (Cleric asking for people who needed healing and sounding like a creepy uncle.)
  • Sorry, I forgot to grease up today. (Cleric failing a stealth check.)
  • I’m a minion popper!
  • Why don’t you go and blow the one in front of me. (Our druid telling our invoker to attack the minion blocking her charge.)
  • He’s got the taint magic in him. (Our invoker is infected with the zombie sickness.)
  • There’s not enough stiffness to them. (Said while trying to throw a quest card to another player.)
  • As long as we don’t squeeze him and soap comes out.
  • You can’t DO things you’re trying to DO… goddammit! (She realized to late the way she said it sounded dirty.)
  • Rawr, bite that nasty thing! (Said to the druid attacking a zombie in her wolf form.)
  • Van: My tongue and mouth are not working for me tonight. Frank: Wow! You should just shut up!
  • I don’t want you blasting over me.
  • You can suck on this one, Van. It’s okay.

Yeah. There were a few more, but this was all I could fit on my note sheet.


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