Follow Friday

For those of you not familiar with Twitter, it is like posting 140 character text messages to people. It is one of the most ADD versions of social networking ever. And it is almost wholly and fully responsible for how serious I have taken my writing this past year and a half. I more well-read, I have better information on writing as a career, I have attended more seminars and I have even increased my stockpile of books that are safe from banishment from Casa de Zombie – all through the use of Twitter.

Today is more about a tradition in Twitter called Follow Friday. Through the use of the #followfriday or #FF hashtag, you tell anyone following you to also follow other people you suggest. It started out as a way to increase the followers of your friends just joining Twitter and a way of people letting others know when new people are around. For instance like when Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day and several dozen other Whedon people announced that Neil Patrick Harris was now on Twitter. Of course now it has grown into a tradition.

The problem with this is the vague nature of it. I see a list of names with the @ in front of them and that is it. Nothing really telling me why I should follow them. You can tell people why, but really you are talking about 2 or 3 and then you just move on to something else. My idea was to blog it and link the blog – and only partially because I hardly ever do Follow Fridays and feel a little guilty about it.

The D&D Podcast Edition is no real surprise. I am a gamer. I have been playing D&D for 30 years and still play every Sunday. Listening to the podcasts from @wilw, @pvponline, @cwgabriel and @TychoBrahe really sparked that excitement in playing again. It reminded me of every reason I loved to game in the first place. And that doesn’t even take into consideration that they all have a similar sense of humor to a lot of the people I follow because I loves me some snark.

Since I talked about Wil Wheaton, let me go to the next list he could have easily been added to – The Guild Edition. Although I have since had to remove myself from the Knights of Good (and World of Warcraft entirely) to focus on writing, I am still a huge fan of the show. I have also met some amazing people through the Guildies (at least a while back that is what the fans of the show called themselves). Other than the usual suspects for the show (Like Felicia and Sandeep…), specifically I would mention Edgar (@egspoony). Aside from being an Internet Celebrity in his own right – just ask his sister – he is also The Guild’s webmaster and served as an extra during Season Two. He is also an extremely inspirational guy. He will likely never admit to it, but his Year of the Edgar definitely helped to keep me on track this past year.

The Local Writers Edition is an easy one for me. I support my local community and there are a number of Southern Wisconsin authors on twitter. Quite a few published and successful ones, and others who I am sure will publish some day. Through them I have begun some miniature writing retreats where we meet at a coffee shop and write, word wars along with some authors further off than Wisconsin and I have been introduced to some awesome resources. Probably the strongest one was the Madison RWA group that meets once a month – a suggestion from Alex Bledsoe. The last meeting on plotting left me with an extremely positive outlook on writing in general.

Of course now we get into the more nebulous areas so I think I may have to just list these next two. The lists are HUGE and not entirely all encompassing.

Just Because Edition

  • @donttrythis – Seriously? Have you watched Mythbusters?
  • @Bleeding_Heart – Punk rock bakery should be enough. Add zombie cakes and chocolate dipped bacon and we done!
  • @ElizabethBanks – Although being in Slither would be enough she really is hilarious in her tweets.
  • @NathanFillion – I shouldn’t even need to say why. Seriously, watch an interview with this man.
  • @RhettReese – If you have not seen Zombieland yet, get thee to a movie rental store!
  • @HeatherOsborn – She works in publishing, but shares Mark Henry’s strange sense of humor. They Tweet-Snark Toddlers and Tiaras! I mean come on!
  • @BittenbyBooks – It is through them that I found so many authors and won an ARC of Battle of the Network Zombies. I cannot say enough good things about this review site.
  • @simonpegg – Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz… really what more needs to be said?
  • @nickjfrost – Evenything I said about Simon Pegg and add in #cakeflush. Don’t know what the cake flush is? You will.
  • @giguhl – AKA Mr. Giggles. A hairless cat that snarks, eats Cheetos and watching Home Shopping Network. Trust me, but read Red Headed Stepchild first.
  • @fluffyguy – This guy is flat out hilarious. Still kicking myself for being busy the night he came to Madison.
  • @ActuallyNPH – It is Neil Patrick Harris. Dr. Horrible, Barney Stintson… Need I go on? He is legen… wait for it… dary!
  • @jamesgunn – Slither and Dawn of the Dead should do it, but this guy is irreverent, messed up and crazy in some of the most awesome ways.
  • @AmandaPalmer – Just because she is Amanda Fucking Palmer. Add into it she is engaged to Neil Gaiman and we are done here. Not sure who I am a bigger fan of, him or her.

Author Edition

  • @mark_henry – I don’t even need to say why. It is eerily how spot on to my sense of humor he is. Plus he knows as much about horror films as my friend Thomas. He is a veritable fount of information.
  • @justinemusk – Her blogs and tweets give insight to the business of writing, and she is entertaining as hell.
  • @amber_benson – Skipping the acting credits, Death’s Daughter was a fun read and there was a Bollywood theme in it. Bollywood!
  • @neilhimself – Remember what I said up in Amanda Palmer. The man is a rockstar in the fantasy/sci-fi world. A rockstar…
  • @dinajames – Well, flat out she is evil and had I not mentioned her in this novel length post she would hurt me. She is also awesome for motivating in #wordathon.
  • @jimsissy – Julie is more than the sister of a famous writer, she is an aspiring writer herself and runs #wordathon, the first word challenge I became involved in. She helped me through the 2nd and 3rd rewrites of my current piece.
  • @cindypon – Her debut book was amazing. It was everything I would like to see in a YA book. Also, she is pretty entertaining in her posts. She is only slightly addicted to cupcakes and pastries and food in general.
  • @antonstrout – League of Reluctant Adults, works in the publishing industry on the inside and writes one of my favorite urban fantasy series (starting with Dead to Me). He is also not really right in the head – probably why he is with the League.
  • @JackieKessler – Also a League author. Also from time to time, not really right in the head in the most awesome of ways.
  • @jayewells – She is like the Sith Overlord of not right in the head. Honestly she is like the female version of Mark Henry’s brain. It is really kind of scary… and crazy awesome.
  • @AdelanteArts – Mario writes a hell of a series with some of the most awesome titles ever. He is also like the part of Mark that was separated at birth. The two of them in the same vicinity at Romantic Times will be frightening.
  • @StaciaKane – She is entertaining in her tweets, also fairly twisted as a member of the League and writes a hell of an Urban Fantasy series.
  • @psynde – Another Seattle writer. She also makes the Vampire Academy jewelry collection. Funny, twisted and she posts links when she has more jewelry finished for sale.
  • @dianarowland – She is a gamer as well as a former cop. She hides her “not right in the head” pretty well, but Mark of the Demon is a strong police procedural as well as an urban fantasy.
  • @lizdarvill – She is all about the steampunk and also just sold her first novel!
  • @dakotacassidy – She is not right in the head as well, but in a slightly different way than many of the Leaguers. She is also incredibly funny and tiara addicted.
  • @NicolePeeler – A strange, strange author, but incredibly entertaining. I am almost done with Tempest Rising, but I am sure it will be getting a positive review soon.
  • @HollyWest – Another person who has led me on to all sorts of online resources for the aspiring author. Not quite as twisted as most of the ones I am following but don’t hold that against her. 😉
  • @Stacey_Jay – She writes Young Adult zombie books. That alone puts her in the win column. Her sweater and bandanna crazy picture… well that just proves she is just as crazy as a lot of the Leaguers.
  • @liahabel – An author who has a strong of an affinity to the zombie as I do? Nothing else needed here.
  • @dianapfrancis – Heavily published in both high fantasy and urban fantasy. Also she has purple hair (for now).
  • @RobertKirkman – Walking Dead? Marvel Zombies? If you are not up on this yet you really need to start reading.
  • @jimchines – His blogs are hilarious and his two series come extremely highly recommended. I need more time for reading, I really do.
  • @emmapetersen – She is an author, but she also cheats at Word Wars. Don’t hold that against her… give her a follow anyway.
  • @david_a_forbes – Aside from being an author his tweets are funny as hell and he knows the Rules. #Rule32
  • @Rob_Thurman – I believe she is a Leaguer now. Also, if I didn’t mention her here she and Dina James might hunt me down together and hurt me.

I am sure I missed some people in here, but I tried to hit the ones I knew were active and tweeting things that were useful and/or entertaining. Hopefully I will not wait so long before doing this again.


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