New Author Month

Are you familiar with the League of Reluctant Adults? Are you a reader of Literary Escapism? Are you simply bored and looking for something to read between commercials during Law & Order? Well, then consider the New Author Mini-Challenge being done over at Literary Escapism.

For those of you not wanting to click over and read the original post, the idea is to read up to five books from authors in the League of Reluctant Adults that you have not read before. If you run short on that, reading a book from one of them you have not read before. I am going to push the tin a bit more than even that though.

If you are a friend of mine on Twitter and/or Facebook you likely are familiar with the snark. You are probably a fan of the smart-ass too. Also, if you are following me on those sites or are a real life friend of mine, there is a better than even chance you are a fan of the zombies. With that in mind, I am going to challenge you to read Mark Henry. This should be made easier as Happy Hour of the Dead (the first Amanda Feral novel) released in mass market paperback this week. For the layman that means seven bucks instead of fifteen for the trade paperback. Also, should you like that one, Road Trip of the Living Dead (the second book) is budget priced on Amazon.

Although I have read all of his books (including Battle of the Network Zombies which releases in February), this is my effort to support the Save Amanda campaign. You see with the economy the way it has been, that has been a stake in the heart for the trade paperback market. I can use the vampire metaphor since one of Amanda’s friends she goes clubbing with is a vampire. Again – in layman’s terms – unless the mass market paperback sales pick up, there will be no Amanda Feral book four. I hear tell the plan is for Amanda and her entourage to take a cruise. Honestly, with me going on an Alaskan cruise next summer, I really want to read that book on a cruise ship.

Happy Hour of the Damned (or ask for it at your local store)

Road Trip of the Living Dead bargain priced

For my part, my plans are to read through at least five books from other members of the League. While I have read many of them, there are ones I have not gotten to. Also there is more than just Mark Henry releasing a book this coming month at the League. My short list for the month includes:

  • Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler (been sitting on this for a month or so)
  • Dead Matter by Anton Strout (releases on the 23rd of February)
  • Hell’s Belle’s by Jackie Kessler (so I can finally read that copy of Road to Hell I won)
  • Road to Hell by Jackie Kessler
  • Blood of the Demon by Diana Rowland (since I really dug Mark of the Demon

In the event that I have to fill in due to not being able to get the books in time, I will likely fill in with Mario Acevedo as I have two of his books sitting in my to read pile. Of course I also have access to Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy as well. My options are open at this point.

Now comes the fun part. Pop over to the New Author Mini-Challenge and sign up. There is fame and wonderful prizes available – well at least a chance to win a book of your choice from the listed authors. If nothing else it will act as a motivator to get you reading and possibly try something new.

Also you can make the difference in the life of a single zombie with your purchase of Mark Henry’s books. Because a mind is a terrible thing to waste. (Get it? She’s a zombie?) Um… so… uh… Save Amanda!

Zombie Out!


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