50 Facts on Zombies

Okay, we not really on zombies in general, just this zombie in particular. Yesterday one of the writer-types I am following on Twitter and Facebook posted a blog on 50 random facts about her. While I suffer a rather thick shield for the “meme bug” that floats around Facebook and the like, I have also noticed that when talking to people I will make comments that are really inside jokes. That lead me to devise up a list and posting it up this morning. So, there you are.

50 Random Facts About Zombie Joe

  1. I have been a gamer since the late 70’s. And no, not the “pew pew pew” kind. We’re talking full on D&D Geek. We have Vin Diesel, what you got?
  2. I started reading horror books at around 10 or 11. In middle school I did a book report on Christine. I even drew a poster for the cover art as extra credit.
  3. I have almost drowned 2 or 3 times. I do not swim. I take showers instead of baths. My wife had to bribe me to go on a cruise for our 20th anniversary.
  4. I have headbutted a dump truck before. No idea how fast it was going. I don’t remember that entire week. Or the years 1984-1989 for that matter. Lucky for me I do still remember my first date with my wife. 😉
  5. My greatest fear used to be losing my memory. I forget what it is now.
  6. I remember plenty of stories from high school. I just don’t remember being there.
  7. In 2005 I rushed up the scheduling of my spinal surgery to allow me to go to see Tim Conway and Harvey Korman live without being on medication.
  8. As a side effect of the neurosurgeon playing with my spinal cord I have become sensitive to white noise. It is sort of like Daredevil, only not as cool and only the disadvantages with none of the advantages.
  9. I am prone to migraines. I know, strange considering all of the concussions, memory loss and spinal damage, right?
  10. I abhor the use of medication. When my L4-L5 disc ruptured and wrapped around my spinal cord I was treating it with Tylenol. For migraines I use Advil.
  11. One time in showing a friend how an arm lock worked he dislocated his shoulder before I could tell him to not push so hard out of it. I popped it back in after asking him what time it was (so he would look away towards the clock).
  12. My son was born on my 21st birthday. After I was done at the hospital my coworkers took me out and I had a beer and a birthday shot. I believe it was tequila. Not bad tequila at that.
  13. My 23rd to my 26th birthdays were celebrated at Chuck E. Cheese (see number 12). At least they had beer and skee ball. Bad beer, but good skee ball.
  14. I took up playing World of Warcraft due to getting a monkey named Bananas that would follow me around in game. True story.
  15. I played the Horde through to Level 70. Upon moving to another server, I joined the Knights of Good and played Alliance through to Level 76 before giving it up for writing time.
  16. I once Rickroll’d around 150 people at one time. They were all Yu-Gi-Oh players.
  17. One year I spent 3 days in ICU due to a virus giving me an ulcer that caused me to internally bleed away over half my blood supply (I think it was 6.4 H&H level when they started to top the tank off).
  18. Three days after Number 17 I drove myself to Indianapolis because I was scheduled to work GenCon for WizKids Games as a judge.
  19. I once shot a man in Reno just to watch him die. Wait… no… that was Johnny Cash.
  20. I am a pop culture savant of sorts. I remember small bits about various sub-categories of popular culture that I may or may not have spent any time studying.
  21. My favorite song to play on the college radio station show I shared with my roommate was The Verandas haunting tune of “Get Out of My Car You Drive Like Shit.”
  22. Our college radio stations output was lower hertz than the walkie talkies the security used on campus.
  23. I asked my future brother-in-law to be a groomsman in my wedding over the air.
  24. My future brother-in-law had to borrow the quarter to call me up and answer me. He put in a song request from the guy who loaned him the quarter too.
  25. The request was for Anthrax’s “I am the Man.”
  26. Did I mention that my mind holds on to trivial details?
  27. When my son was young, I read him a copy of The Hobbit (one with illustrations in it) as a bed time story.
  28. The book from Number 27 is still on the bookshelf in his walk-in closet.
  29. My wife read him The Vampire Lestat. She said she left out the bad parts. He likely thought it was a short story.
  30. I trained in Tae Kwon Do Open for four years. Ironically the four years where my memories are fuzzy.
  31. I kept my white belt for a full year by choice.
  32. There are two ribs on the right side of my chest that are not solidly connected to my sternum. They will pop out if I sneeze too hard.
  33. I own a cane that is made of twisted walnut and an antler handle. The rubber stopper on the bottom needs to be replaced.
  34. I gave up using my cane when my 90 year old great aunt told my father, “If you stop moving, you die.”
  35. My son is now the last man to hold the Alfano family name for our section of the Alfano family (of 12 I believe).
  36. I went to college to hone my skills writing as I wanted to become a writer. At the age of 40 I am now polishing up a manuscript and planning a hunt for an agent. (And yes, I am a procrastinator. Why do you ask?)
  37. A friend gave me the name Zombie Joe a couple years back. Once he introduced me to a number of comic book artists and friends that way and drew me as a zombie in a web comic. That was what solidified it as my persona.
  38. Once had Tom Atkins call from a couple aisles away at a con, “Hey, Zombie Joe!” after passing by me.
  39. Number 38 made driving all the way to South Milwaukee for that con worthwhile.
  40. Standing rule in Casa de Zombie is that if the book is signed I don’t have to sell/donate it. Remember that if I bring two or three books to sign, authors. 😉
  41. I also have a standing rule to read “local” authors. This extends to all of Wisconsin, mostly Southern Wisconsin. I am counting Marjorie Liu as a local author since she did Law School on the campus I work at.
  42. I once claimed I would never work with computers or athletes once I was out of high school. I manage web site content for a Big Ten Athletic Department. Karma can, in fact, be a bitch.
  43. I have eaten rattlesnake before.
  44. Both dogs I have ever owned were named when I got them. My stepkids named our two cats.
  45. I wanted to name our black cat Peloquin instead of Licorice. This was due to him digging his claws in my shoulder being woken up by my in-laws visiting (and hyper) puppy. (See the book Cabal or the movie Nightbreed for Peloquin.)
  46. I bought our black cat on Friday the 13th.
  47. I have one son, a stepdaughter, a stepson, a daughter-in-law, a son-in-law, and soon to be 6 grandchildren. I have been a grandpa since I was 29. (Koo koo ka-choo, Mrs. Robinson…)
  48. I was once on a clip on ESPN. A linebacker was running over me as I rolled to the ground protecting a camera. My students were laughing at me as I came back up to the office.
  49. Once went a full year with no caffeine at all. The next 9 months was one latte a week – Wednesdays, with my comic books.
  50. Oh yeah, I am a comic geek as well. In high school I went to one of the school Halloween parties dressed as The Badger, the “hero” from a local comic book set in Madison. I wish I still had that shirt.

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