War, Hwuah… Good Gawd, Y’all…

Ever wonder what a word war is? Ever hear me tweeting about word war? Are you an irreverent author or aspiring author? Then you might just be ready for word war.

What is a word war, you say? Well, sit back and listen to Zombie Joe tell you the tale of the word war…

Things you will need for Word War:

  • An Internet Connection (I prefer going to a coffee shop, usually on the east side of town)
  • AIM (Mostly because that is the IM that most of the non-Madison people are on)
  • Write or Die (optional, but it helps us time each battle and motivate us)
  • A story idea and/or outline
  • A few hours to sit and do nothing but write to a 4-5k word count.

The process is that we connect through AIM, usually around 10:00 in the morning Wisconsin time (8:00 Seattle time) and we spend some time with small talk. Discuss what project you are working on, bounce ideas off of the other people, talk out your ideas – in short, get ready to write like a crazed lemur!

Once we have all the introductions and small talk out of the way (and at least a coffee at our sides) we set a time and word goal. Those of us using Write or Die are the timekeepers. We start the clock (usually 30-40 minutes) and then write until our fingers lock and/or bleed. Well, maybe not that bad, but you get the idea.

Things to be aware of before joining in on a Word War. We generally do 3-5 battles depending on when we get started and the personal goals of the people competing. We are not really competing, just motivating each other to write more (except for Emma, I am totally kicking her ass next time). Most of the people involved are a bit on the irreverent side – meaning we smack talk each other like professional athletes in the locker room. (You have been warned.)  🙂

Still interested? Well, then you are just insane enough to join in on the fun. Let me know the next time I tweet about it (and I will tweet about it). Or you could also follow @mark_henry who was the guy that got me started on it. He also writes a rather twisted set of books about a zombie socialite. You should check them out. </shamelessplug>


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