I am going to confess something now. If I have an event coming up or someplace I need to be, I enter it into a Google calendar. Before the event happens my new Droid phone will beep at me to remind me. It will continue to do this until I tell it not to. If there is any better reason for the smartphone, I cannot think of one. There are some things not listed into the Google calendar though. Martin Luther King Jr. Day for instance.

Aside from the obvious reason of immense historical importance, I need to pay attention to this as I work for a state university. As a state employee I get that day off of work. So, can y’all guess where I was this morning? Close, but not quite. I made it to the coffee shop for my coffee and yogurt before I heard the radio personalities talking about it on the air.

My reply to this realization? “I could have totally slept in today! Dammit!”

So my plan altered from going in to work after coffee and yogurt with my son to getting an Endless Cup from the coffee shop and parking my ass by the fireplace and writing. Word war if there were any takers. As I was starting my latest book for reading pleasure, I took a call from my boss. Even though it was a holiday, she asked if I could make some changes to a page I posted on the web site last week.

I made the changes, but ran into a snag that involved needing Photoshop. I don’t have Photoshop on my laptop. I have no use for Photoshop (except for the rare instance like this morning). I do not get a free copy of Photoshop to put on my laptop. The boss says she can make the change to the graphic I need when she gets in to the office. No problem. Of course I did not want to start a word war – even with myself – if I was going to get a call that the file was done in the middle of a battle.

So I checked Twitter. I picked on @dinajames for Twittering and not writing. I checked Facebook. Played a couple games of Warstorm. And I updated the blog. Literally I posted the Character Profiles I wrote yesterday for my D&D game. Well all but one that is still at home.

Why is this relevant at all? Well I considered everything I was doing to pass the time while I waited for the graphic to get done. None of it involved considering the historical significance of a day that seems to catch me every year saying, “I totally could have slept in today! Dammit!”

Memorial Day is pretty similar as well. I am not one for catching that one as it comes up. I think that had more to do with my discomfort around military funerals. Don’t get me wrong, I admire and respect the entire event; the ritual, the tradition, the camaraderie. They just seem very solemn. There is a finality to them that makes it all seem as real for me as my cousin tucking Kleenex into my Nona’s sleeve at the family viewing. But the source of my feelings on military funerals is a whole other post entirely.

The one thing I appreciate today of all days is the opportunities I have been given. Today we remember a man that led the movement that brought me into contact with a lot of friends that I have had over the years. More than that, some were the friends, teachers and leaders that I remember most in my past. I cannot remember what most of my friends from high school look like. But I distinctly remember getting kicked in the head by Sensei. I remember Duncan (one of the guys in computer class with me in high school) punching a monitor and it blipping off on him. We promptly decided it was time to go to the commons and grab a soda.

In short, I appreciate those memories and hope that my kids and grandchildren appreciate them as well.


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