The Year of Random Craziness

It has been a couple of weeks, but in the winding down of 2009 and the ramping up of 2010, my wife has declared this the Year of Random Craziness. I know, like I am not assaulted with randomness or insanity any other year, right? But this is different. Allow me to explain.

As many of you know, while we have moved to a condo in Madison, Mrs. Zombie works in Milwaukee. And I am not talking on the edge, New Berlin really, in Milwaukee. I mean, drives in past Miller Park every day. Although more distance, we are 3 minutes from the highway so he drive is not that much longer in time. But this is Wisconsin.

Yes, we have a weather contingency plan. It is pretty similar to her Tuesday plan. On Tuesdays she stays with a friend from college who lives about 10 minutes from her office. They get to go to dinner, hang out, make cupcakes, take a class – whatever. I honestly cannot remember what last year was for them, but they had decided that this year was to be the Year of Random Craziness. In short, they decided to adopt a bit of the Year of the Edgar philosophy and do random stuff that they have never done before.

How did my wife announce this to me? New Years Day she wakes up, turns to me and says, “Let’s go to Mt. Horeb today.”

She had decided that for my brother-in-law’s birthday we should go get him a troll t-shirt. For those of you not familiar with Mt. Horeb, they are famous for their trolls. The other reason she thought this was such an awesome idea is that I have been sitting on a couple of copies of books written by Alex Bledsoe waiting to be signed. So her thought was I should Twitter or Facebook him to see if he wanted to meet for coffee that morning while we were in Mt. Horeb.

Can you see the Random Craziness of it now? Welcome to my life.

To his credit, Alex – a stay at home father with two young children – did catch my electronic bat signal and met us for coffee that morning. Ironically for my wife’s first initiation of the Year of Random Craziness, she found out that on New Years Day there are two things open in Mt. Horeb. The coffee shop/chocolate shop where we met up with Alex, and a bar just down the block from it. Yes, there were no troll shirts to be had.

What we did get was a rather relaxing and interesting time sitting with Alex and discussing books, writing and movies. This also included his mentioning a monthly meeting of writers in Middleton organized by the Wisconsin chapter of RWA. His description of it was a collection of mostly published authors getting together and having a monthly seminar of sorts focusing on one particular aspect of writing and “the craft.”

I have to be honest here. Out of college when I started working in a book store I made deals with the other booksellers to not have to stock the romance novels. This was more out of their distance of doing the “top shelf magazines” or “sophisticates” as the corporate office called them, than my particular distance for romance novels. I actually had more of an aversion to handling Magic cards at the time.

As I am much older now (and maybe a little wiser) I can tell that in addition to being the largest selling genre, that romance writers as a whole seem to be some of the most motivated and professional people in the business. So any of the romance authors out there that kind of scare me (I’m looking at you Stacia and Dakota… Emma, not even close… yet…) please don’t send your legions of minions after me.

In all seriousness the convention I was looking forward to most this year was not a gaming convention, but was Romantic Times in Columbus, Ohio. My means may not allow me to make it this year and the thought of that stung. There is a strong Urban Fantasy tract there, and many of the authors I follow on Twitter and Facebook will be there. Not to mention it is awesome to tell your hunting partner that you are going to be driving to Ohio for a romance novel convention. He may have thought I was kidding.

So for my Random Craziness™ for the month of January, I am going to start with attending a meeting with the Romance Writers of America and trying my damnedest to figure out a way to get to Columbus in late April. Anyone interested in a lot of the earlier sets of World of Warcraft collectible card game?


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