A Call to Arms

Tonight was a tough one to find a title for. Really it is encompassing a few things. Which is an easier way of saying, “My brain is scattered and I cannot find the focus to make enough sense of it for a blog post.”

First and foremost is the real “Call to Arms”. If any of you are Madison gamers, you may remember the Lady Kath Kon for a Cure we did a couple of years ago. All of the proceeds went to the Capital Candlelighters. The reason I bring this up is that Mrs. Zombie and I are volunteering on Saturday the 19th for setting up and working at a party they are running for their kids. I am mentioning this hear as Mrs. Zombie is still expelling the zombie virus known as a sinus infection so cannot work her shift.

If you are local and are interested in taking my wife’s shift at the event, let me know. Short notice, I know – I completely blanked on it until last night. The one caveat is that you cannot be sick. Some of the kids are in treatment and their immune systems are lowered because of it. Comment, IM, call, text – whatever you need to do to get in touch with me. 😉

The second thing that brought up the “Call to Arms” idea was a mention of an author in Twitter by another author I am following. This is my primary way of finding new authors or books to read. Without the use of Twitter I would have never discovered Mark Henry, Cindy Pon, Carrie Ryan, Jaye Wells or much of any of my current list of favorite reads. So, someone tells me to follow Rob_Thurman because she writes the stuff I like to read. I line up and follow her. From there I saw a mention of another author, Marjorie Liu. In looking at her site, it seems there is more Paranormal Romance in her books, but someone once told me I should read more of that.

That was not the really interesting part though. What caught my eye was that she is the author on Dark Wolverine. Not only that, it seems she went to college in Wisconsin. That fits into the “local author” rule I have – and which has brought me into reading some really interesting authors this past year. So I figure it is totally worth a follow and looking into her titles more when I have the time. That is when I saw the post on her Twitter account.

“Except for Methos. Methos can do no wrong. Mrrrooow.”

I was preparing to run an event for the Highlander TCG that night. I had built Nick a Nakano deck and myself and Amanda deck. They needed a couple of small tweaks to make them competitive, but overall I think they were solid. But she had invoked serendipity by claiming Methos could do no wrong. Serendipity was what brought me from thinking Lori Handeland had some interesting books and was a Milwaukee author to picking up a copy of Any Given Doomsday. So, the gauntlet was dropped and I devised a Methos deck for the night.

Five players, so I faced three of the four opponents. Basically I fought everyone but my son. I took the head of every person I faced that night. For those unfamiliar with the card game, beating someone at the game is one thing, but taking their head can be difficult. Granted a couple of them could have avoided losing their heads at the end of the match, but that would have still resulted in a win for Methos.

In short, Marjorie Liu invoked the serendipity that lead to a resounding victory for the night, so now I am picking out where to dive in. I am also going to be digging through some Dark Wolverine back issues. I am thinking one of the tattoo related books. After all, Amazon Ink was a local author.

And since we are on the subject of Romance Authors, it seems my packing list is widening for Romantic Times this summer…

  • Homemade Italian Hooch (I blame Mark Henry for this one too)
  • Zombie Cupcakes (Guess whose fault these are)
  • Special Cupcakes for Mark (these are a surprise from Mrs. Zombie)
  • Reeces Pieces Cupcakes (for Dr. Peeler)
  • Rock Band (for Dakota Cassidy)
  • Scho-ka-kola (because, why not? Also I hear Michele Bardsley is a chocoholic.)

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