The Right Words at the Right Time

Consider this a partial thought from my Save Amanda Feral post and a partial end of the year wrap up for the Year of the Edgar. Not familiar with the Year of the Edgar? Pop on over to his site and check out some of the things he has posted on it. The Cliffs Notes version of it is to do the things you have always wanted to do. Been putting off attempting Nanowrimo? Make a solid effort at it. Always wanted to learn to play Dungeons and Dragons? Get a game going even if you do not stick with it – at least you gave it a shot.

So why the “right words at the right time” with that as the springboard? For those of you not personally associated to me, around 4 or 5 years ago I suffered a spinal injury. For over a year after the surgery I was walking with a cane. End result was that the pain was controlled without medication but I would likely need the cane.

While doing some geneology in the Boston area we stopped in to visit a great-aunt. My father asked her how she was doing commenting that she seemed to be getting around. Her answer was short and blunt. “If you stop moving you die.” She was walking without a cane at 90.

I am not a terribly religious person, but in addition to being an optomist I honestly believe that the universe provides me with what I need at any given moment. And at that moment I needed a 90 year old great aunt to shame me into vowing to give up the cane. That was exactly what I needed to hear.

Several years later, when the alternator when out in the QuinJetta (my Jetta wagon), I was able to push it through the intersection on my own. Once across two people helped me get it up into the parking lot I was aiming for. Something I would not have been able to do while I was still using the cane.

Don’t get me wrong. I still hurt on pretty much a daily basis, but if you stop moving you die. So it is better than the alternative.

That brings me to the latest set of words I needed to hear. The ones that link this post to my Save Amanda Feral post. November is a tough month for me due to hunting season, Nanowrimo and all of our major sports going at once. In a rather rare display for me I had a bad day. I mean a really bad day. The kind of day where you are sure your writing is never going to be good enough to be published and you have no idea why you are doing what you are doing with life. One of those bad days that I hardly ever had.

A random post through Twitter came through with, “If you were sure you would succeed at anything today, what would you do?” My answer was fairly simple. What wouldn’t I do? I could begin with a simple list…

  • Write the next Harry Potter so I could afford to be a full time writer and let my wife retire early.
  • Move to Seattle where most of the UF writers I read are and where my wife would be estatic (she loves Seattle and the mountains).
  • Get back down to my college weight (which would do wonders for my back and ability to work out).
  • Complete my black belt classes.

I am sure there are more, but you get the idea. Live like you know you will succeed at whatever you do. One person I had discussed this with had told me, “There is no way you can be sure you will succeed at everything.” My answer to them is that there was no way they could be sure I wouldn’t.

I still have my doubts about getting published, but from what I hear that is part of what makes you an author. 😉

I am going to offer one caveat here. If any of that list would require that one of the authors that I read and admire needs to lose one of the items on their list, I would gladly give up mine to see their list item stick. Not that I really believe that any of the lists have direct impact on the others, but you get the idea. That brings me to the Save Amanda Feral campaign.

I am a smart-ass. It is a dominant gene in my family it seems. Which means I love the snark. I also love the zombies. Which means Amanda Feral is spot on for me. I think the series is intelligent and funny. Don’t take my word for it though. Pick up the first book and see if you like it. If you are local to me ask and I may loan out my copy of Happy Hour of the Damned (if it is not already on loan to someone). If you like it, do me a favor and purchase the second one – Road Trip of the Living Dead. You will liekly need to special order it or purchase it online. If you order from the University of Washington book store you can request a signed copy and he will pop over to personalize it. If you need any information on your options, comment below and I will get you the specifics.

The whole series is sick, twisted and funny as hell and I would like nothing more than to see them continue. Honestly I really need to see how this group feeds on a cruise ship without raising suspicions.

One person can change the world, but only with a little help from his friends. So, friends – go out and help us change the world in one delightfully twisted way. 😉


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