Another November Come and Gone

You know how you can tell it is December? When your wife looks at you and says, “So do I get my husband back now?” For those of you wondering – yes, that was a direct quote from last night.

Allow me to explain. My wife allows me to participate in Nanowrimo because she knows it makes me happy. Exhausted and insane, but happy. She supports me even though it means most nights I will be in a coffee shop writing instead of at home. She supports it even though coffee is expensive and we eat out more than we normally do that month. What I was reminded of last night is that she is also as relieved as I am when the month is over.

Lucky for me Sunday night she was still up in Wild Rose due to a business meeting in Sturgeon Bay on Monday. She didn’t get to see me staying up most of the night to meet my goal for the month.

I will be blogging a bit more frequently now, but let’s throw up a small recap of the month…

  • read Battle of the Network Zombies by Mark Henry
  • wrote a review of Battle of the Network Zombies that will hopefully post soon (mental note to check on that)
  • wrote just over 51,000 words over the course of 30 days
  • found out things about my main character in my WIP that will likely change that piece
  • discovered electric streetlights were installed in Madison in 1921
  • the building that houses the Italian Workman’s Club was built in 1921
  • before 1921 the Italian Workman’s Club met in someone’s garage
  • saw no deer except when driving home at night during gun season
  • drank a whole lot of coffee
  • found some help from people that likely had no idea they were helping me

The end result is a renewed resolve to complete the final revision on my WIP and then likely work on the next. I might consider working on the 1921 version of the story I did for Nanowrimo, but we shall see.

Save Amanda FeralIn lieu of another blurp about the contest at the Enchanted Inkpot, let me draw your attention to the Save Amanda Feral campaign. If you are unfamiliar with Mark Henry’s books Happy Hour of the Damned and Road Trip of the Living Dead, they are a couple of my favorites. It has intelligence, snark, dark humor and monsters. I am talking honest to goodness monsters that will eat your face off just because they are hungry and not brood over it all emo like with GQ hairstyles. (Well, Gil might have the hair, but not the emo bit.)


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