Nano Day 27: Black Friday

So with the way everything panned out this year, I decided not to go back up to Wild Rose after Thanksgiving dinner last night. I chose to sacrifice one more day of hunting for a day of catching up on my word count and relaxing a bit. So of course that translates to blogging in the coffee shop near the mall on Black Friday. For the record, it is pretty slow here. The lot across the street at the mall on the other hand…

That frees me up to sit here and reflect on some of the things that have been stuck in my noodle the past week. Like a tweet from Richard Castle (the character, not the actor) about how turkeys can’t fly. It reminded me of two really great stories from hunting seasons past, but nothing I could share in 140 characters or less. Neither of them were really a Zaboo #sweetburns. At the same time, they were amusing enough to share – after all, I shared this year’s story about a deer farting on my son.

The first year we took my friend’s oldest son hunting with us, we went walking in to the cultured pines in the same area Dave shot his deer this year. It was still dark, so we were unloaded and just finding our spot to set up. As we walked in, we spooked up a few turkeys that were perched in the tops of the trees that took off. If you have never heard a wild turkey take flight it is a loud affair.

“Dad, was that a bat?”

We laughed and I said, “If that was a bat, I am going back to the truck for more ammo and a wooden stake!”

Not a huge punch line, but I remember it being pretty funny while I was there. The other one is a bit more of a set up. Also it has the caveat that Dave will tell it differently as he insists that he NEVER falls asleep when hunting. Of course I do not think he will ever read this unless his wife clicks over here from Facebook, so…

One year we were both pretty tired while going back into the field. It was DNR land again, just a different spot than the one in the previous story. Not quite as open, but still had standing corn to attract the deer. Another confession is that we use camping chairs when we hunt. No tree stands, but we are both too old to be sitting on the ground. So we were set up back to back (essentially) covering the shots that were in that field.

I decide that if I don’t get up and move I am going to fall asleep, so I get up and tell him where I am going to path through and leave him there. The last thing I saw was him using my chair as an ottoman and kicking his feet up. Walking through the fire lane at the back of the field, I hear something in a trail leading back into the woods. I came up on a turkey crossing the path. It was followed by another and then a few more after that. Overall there was close to a dozen turkeys in the flock and they were headed back towards the way where I was pretty sure Dave was already asleep. So I herded them to make sure they worked more towards that field than away from it.

You heard me right – turkey herding.

So I get to the point where I curved them around and they were a pretty close distance to the corn field he was sat in, so I reached up and snapped a branch on the tree next to me. The sound of a wild turkey taking off is loud. The sound of a dozen of them taking off from the ground to buzz you like you were the tower in Top Gun? We’ll just leave it at the fact that he was definitely not sleeping when I got over there. I cannot confirm or deny if his coveralls needed a washing or not. 😉

Not exactly anything Richard Castle can use in his next Nikki Heat book, but there you go. Wild Turkeys can fly.

Speaking of books, in case I have not flung this at you enough over the past few days, the Enchanted Inkpot is running a contest and giving away a bunch of YA books. All you need to do to be in the running for one of the three bundles is to leave a comment with what book you are looking forward to and which book reminds you most of the holiday season. Also, they have some pretty interesting blog posts there throughout the year.

If you are having problems with the link above, the url is…


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