Nano Day 25: An Alarm, A Migraine and A Contest

Day 25 is here and I am almost caught up in Nanowrimo. Of course I was sitting in work this afternoon as the only person left in the office, but unwilling to dodge out a couple hours early to get a jump start on writing. I could use it after last night. You see, when Mrs. Zombie is away for the night I cannot sleep. When she is away for the night and I spend the better part of 4 or 5 hours in a Starbucks writing and drinking espresso, I really can’t sleep. So I watched some television and wrote some more.

For me, writing while I am extremely fatigued is not a good call. My preferred description of the mess that is left on the page is a story that was written like a David Lynch movie – if David Lynch was on meth. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of his work… just not in my stories. So this morning while drinking my first coffee and eating my yogurt, I reread what I had written in the last bit of the night to swing back into it.

Holy crap on a a cracker! It make no sense at all.

Even though it is against the “rules” of Nanowrimo, I have to remove the offending pile from the work so that I could continue on. I spent my morning figuring where the balance tipped to Nanny-Foo-Foo Land. And yes, that is a highly technical geographic term!

So I will be taking it light tonight and likely getting some time in tomorrow morning before we leave for the first of our two Thanksgiving celebrations. Then there is the likely drive back up to Wild Rose, WI where I may actually need to use the location of that body dump scene in my pre-Nano WIP.

Although I should make note of two especially interesting bits from Twitter today. They are snark-free, so read in (relative) safety.

The first bit was that Lilith Saintcrow made the New York Times Paperback List. It is always good to hear about someone breaking into the Brass Ring Zone, and honestly I could just see the shouting and excitement going on at Casa de Saintcrow when she got the call. Congratulations just cannot really say enough.

The other is Enchanted Inkpot is running a contest to celebrate their first year. A while back I took up reading YA fiction to find something out there to suggest as opposed to sparkly vampires. Through that I picked up both The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan and Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon. From Cindy Pon I not only made my way to my first ALA in Chicago (and a signed copy of The Graveyard Book), but I also found the Enchanted Inkpot.

I am not eliminating any possibilities from pieces I may write, or genres I may try and dabble in. I went to college to become a teacher, so there is no reason I could not take a shot at writing a YA manuscript. I mean, if Mark Henry can keep it clean for a full manuscript, I can. Right? Either way, as a parent and grandparent I like to know what is out there so I can know what I can suggest to my family and friends as good books in the genre.

In short, go there and check them out. There are some really good books over there. I am particularly liking how they split them up into three subgenres so that all the books you get are similar styles of YA literature. Maybe that is just the dormant OCD in me talking. I knew I should not have let the wife get me hooked on Monk – the damage is done now though.

Well good luck on the contest, congratulations Lilith and I need to pretend I am using a Mac and invoking the Mac Freedom so that I concentrate on writing and not blogging/Twitter now.


2 thoughts on “Nano Day 25: An Alarm, A Migraine and A Contest

  1. thanks joe! remember to comment at enchanted if
    you want a shot to win any of the packs. =D
    and *i* came up w the categories for the prize
    packs and was much pleased w myself. =DD

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