Nano Day 17: Writing Group

So last night instead of going to a write-in at Starbucks, Cool Beans or Java Cat, I was reminded that we had our writer’s group. That’s right, cue the Joe has to get more organized in the event we have two months between meetings. That meant a trip out to the Sundance, having a coffee that wasn’t too bad for a movie theater latte and waiting for the rest of the group for almost two hours.

Once we were all there and we had some discussions of writerly resources we had come across that month, we did an exercise. This one was to pull 1-4 sheets out of a fancy little heart shaped tin and write about those subjects incorporating as many of them as you thought you could. Since 3 of the 4 of us that made it that were Nano crazies, we decided we could add that to our Nano piece.

The four I pulled? Write about an awkward date. Confessions: Have anything to confess? Write about snow as either a backdrop or an element to the story. The Road: Write about a road or taking a trip.

Can you guess what happened then? You got it… none of those things had anything to do with what I was writing. Maybe confessions, but I didn’t want the reveal too early in the story. So I had to come up with something new. And for the record I can’t remember any of my awkward dates. Really the first date I had with Mrs. Zombie is the only one I can remember and she didn’t really call that a date until we were engaged. I told you it was awkward.

I am not sure why I decided it would be a good idea to post the first draft of something that is not my genre. Maybe it was because I could not see myself using it anywhere. Maybe it was because I thought it sucked and they thought it wasn’t bad. Who knows. Either way, here it is. You know, for funsies.

Tin Plated Story

                Becca always hated driving in the snow. But that was really her problem, and hasn’t been mine for over a year now. She can drive down whatever damn road she wants to drive down. For my part, there is something exciting about a snowy road. Call me an adrenaline junkie if you want, but everyone has their own vices. I sure as hell knew Becca had hers.

                Tonight was not about her though. It was not about her, about us, or about that night over a year back. Tonight was about starting a new life. A dinner at my favorite place – a place I have not gone to in over a year. It was about a night at the movies – also something I have not done in over a year. And most of all it was about Diane.

                Diane and me had always been on friendly terms at work. For all I knew there may have even been some flirting involved. I am not what you might call a romantic kind of guy. When Becca wanted to go see that movie with the vampires that sparkled in the daylight I kept wondering when the hunter would pop out and stake his emo ass. So it was entirely possible that we may have been flirting and I just didn’t know it.

                I can’t read her mind. I am a guy, I can barely read!

                Since the blow up with Becca though, her talks with me had been more awkward. Jokes that seemed to have us both laughing now made the conversation seem rather strained. I don’t know if it was because I was no longer “safe” to talk to, or if she just didn’t know what to say when she heard about what happened.

                Normally when a couple splits there is that time of constantly asking if they are all right. If there is anything you can do for them. On the up side, you get offered a lot of ice cream. At least that is what Diane said is the best part of a break up. I suspect that is secret woman rituals though. I have yet to see one of my buddies say, “Oh Scott, I hear that bitch dumped you. In your own apartment? You know, I’ve got a quart of Rocky Road in the freezer and it has your name written all over it!”

                It took a while before things began to chill between us, but I think things are evening out. At least I hope so. It was a good sign that she agreed to come out with me to watch the new Tarantino movie. I can never pass up a good Tarantino and those are just the kind of movies you have to see with other people.

                I suppose the fact that she said we should go to Amato’s Steak House meant this was even a real date. There is something else I usually don’t do with my friends. Of course it was probably time, and since we are already friends there shouldn’t be any of that awkward part of finding things to talk about. And since I am just oozing with the honesty, I have always had a particularly warm spot for redheads. (I didn’t mean it that way, you bunch of pervs!)

                As I pull up to her apartment, I can see her standing in the large picture window looking out at the road. She is wearing that little black dress that she wore to the office Christmas party last year. I remember her telling me once that a woman only breaks out her little black dress for special occasions.

                Holy shit! This really is a date!

                My palms start sweating before I can even get out of the car. And of course I chose to wear my jeans with a Ramones t-shirt and a sport coat. She breaks out the big guns and I am only dressed slightly better than going out to the bars with the guys.

                What the hell am I going to say to her? Does the little black dress mean what I think it means? It has been over a year!


                Becca watches Scott walk up the sidewalk from where he parked. Her coat was already sitting on the chair, waiting to cover up her secret weapon – the little black dress. Of course her nerves and her desire for him to see her in the dress first placed her at the picture window. Placed her at the picture window just in time to see him slip on some ice and go down hard.

                She will never forget the sight as his head bounced on the sidewalk.


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