Friday the 13th: Don’t Cross a Nano’s Path

We are coming up on two weeks into Nanowrimo and there is one thing that is definitely on my mind. I am behind in my word count! If you consider the fact that I was shooting for 75k instead of 50, I am really behind. And really there is only one cure for that – Slapbet!

Sitting in Cool Beans last night, Josh and I were smack talking back and forth at intervals about slapbet for word counts. Keep in mind that Josh is over 3000 words ahead of me. Finally he agrees to slapbet and even wearing his skirt when I slap him. 😉

As a bit of backstory, at GenCon this year Josh bought a kilt. Which is to say a black pleated kilt-like piece that swishes just so when you spin in it on the dance floor. If he had bought it in plaid it would have been the most disturbing half of a school girl outfit – ever! Keep in mind that most of this is the snarky ribbing we assault each other with on a daily basis.

So here we go. I am working today and Saturday (final football home game of the year) and I am starting at 17098 for the day. That includes my start time for #wordathon in Twitter as I am not going to be able to start up again until after 6:00 tonight. My wife is well aware of the fact she will not be seeing me much over the next couple of days. She would not deny me to slap Josh in his skirt and either call him Sally or yell, “Think with yer dipstick… Jimmy!

If you are unfamiliar with Slapbet, it is something that has been highlighted by Marshall and Barney on How I Met Your Mother. The culmination of the joke was the countdown to Slapsgiving. There was even a musical number. A little childish? Yeah, probably. A good way to motivate the word counts? Totally.

There may need to be video involved. Well, that is provided I can get my wife to encode it right away since the Mac seems to be the easiest way of doing that without purchasing Adobe Premier or the like. I am not sure about the musical number. I would have to really practice on the piano.

Rooting sections are allowed, even if it is just online rooting. So, in closing, Happy Slapsgiving!


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