Day 10 Nano – Go Nanos, It’s Your Birthday…

Okay, not really all nanos. In an e-mail to one of the Nanowrimo Authors featured on the site, I stated I would likely be in a haze on November 10th so I wished her an early happy birthday. Ironically I ran into a friend who reminded me what day it was.

If you are lost by a very vague introduction, then you are not alone. The author I am speaking of is Cylithria Dubois who was featured in a Q&A on the main page of Nanowrimo. If you did not read the feature on her, you really should – it is an inspiring read. If you are looking at a word count that leaves something to be desired and you are starting to lose hope, read about what she overcame to make a win in Nanowrimo. And if you are local to Madison, make your way out to a write-in and I will kick your butt into gear Public Authorin’ style as good as any Gunnery Sergeant! You will make that word count!

But this blog is about more than just Cylithria and her win during last year’s Nanowrimo. It is about more than just keeping yourself motivated to write and meet that goal. It is about this young marine and every soldier like her. For those of you unfamiliar with the tradition, all marines share this day as their birthday.

I am sacrificing some of my Public Authorin’ time to write this entry to wish Cylithria and every other marine out there that reads this a heartfelt birthday wish. For each and every one of those marines (not to mention members of all branches of our armed forces) I want to thank you all for your involvement in ensuring my ability to sit in this coffee shop, drink way to much coffee and write a novel that may or may not see publication. I appreciate all of you and everything you do for us.

In ending, happy birthday. Now all of you give me one of those marine yell so I can hear you all out there. And any of you marines that are Nanos, I will see y’all at the finish line!


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