Nano Day 5: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Read a Book

So, aside from the fact that I took this morning to write rather than work out (again), this really has very little to do with Nanowrimo. Not everything in November revolves around that. I’m serious!

As I stated before, the QuinJetta™ broke down yesterday. Between waiting for a tow and waiting for people to show up at Starbucks last night, I read about 13 chapters into “Any Given Doomsday” by Lori Handeland. Partially I picked it up due to a Q&A/Contest over at Bitten By Books. But also there are the rules for bringing new books into Casa de Zombie 2.0. (Lucky for me Mrs. Zombie doesn’t hold me to fast to them.) 😉

First off are signed books. If a book is signed – especially personalized to Zombie Joe – it is a keeper. I can only hope I get to a point where I have too many signed books. But alas, Any Given Doomsday is not signed.

Next on the checklist of “keepers” is the Local Author Rule #338. And for the record that does not mean the author needs to be a member of the Local 338. It simply means that I support local authors. Some people choose to support their community in strange ways. This is my most eccentric one. If you are in Wisconsin and publish a book in my areas of interest, I am likely to pick it up. (Still kicking myself for not getting Pat Rothfuss’ book signed at GenCon.) And as I found out off of Facebook and her web site, Lori is from Milwaukee.

The final and most vague of the bringing more books into a condo that is already hurting for space is the Serendipity Rule. And this does not mean I can keep it if it was mentioned in a John Cusack romantic comedy. Although I do own a copy of Hey Soul Classics. In this case what it means is that the day before I started looking into this author and her series of books, one of the Nanos that showed up to the launch party had an assitant dog. He was a yellow lab named Elwood. I thought this was kind of humorous at the time, and really wanted to see a photo of him with Blues Brothers Glasses on, but what was more surprising is that in her bio, Lori is listed as living in Milwaukee with her husband, two sons and yellow lab named Elwood.

So it was set in stone. It met two of the three rules, so I had to buy it. Although Apocalypse Now was the one that came out this week, I wanted to start at the beginning so picked up Any Given Doomsday first.

What I was most happy to find out about was how pleasantly easy of a read this book was. That was not to say simplistic, but a story that I was able to slip right into. Soulless by Gail Carriger for instance I did not slip right into. It was an incredible book and I am sure to pick up the second but I needed to read into it before it clicked with me. Any Given Doomsday was just – there.

It is urban fantasy with a slight police procedural feel to it. Sort of like a Simon Canderous book, but lighter on the dark humor, heavier on the relationship stuff. It (obviously) has an end of the world, doom and gloom plot to it that reminded me of a lighter version of The Stand. Yet it did all of this while still having a lot of the ass-kicking one would expect from a Joss Whedon heroine.

So this started off as a Day Five Nano update, skirted being a broken car rant and ended up as a minature book review of a book I am still reading. Yeah, that pretty much sums up November brain function in a nutshell.

Write On! 🙂


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