Nano Day Four Update


Every now and again I feel you just need to shout that. I was shouting worse this morning, trust me.

So I am on schedule for my daily word count. Mornings when I cannot go work out I go to the coffee shop and write for a bit before work. Last night at the Barnes and Nobles didn’t hurt either. We had some socializing and some bouncing ideas off of one another, but some public authorin’ and some coffee drinkin’ to boot!

This morning. Well, this morning found me with my car flahsing all of its lights at me, dying and then clicking at me when I tried to turn it over at an intersection. It then found me solo pushing a station wagon through said intersection towards the Best Buy at East Towne. To the two guys that appeared and helped me push it up the entry to the parking lot – thanks. To the people that had turned around to help, got there once I was done “parking” it and offered a cell phone for me to call AAA (yes, I did forget my cell this morning) – thank you, thank you, thank you. It was these acts that kept me from getting too depressed about the break down and restored my faith in humanity a bit.

Of course it also made me realize the trips to the health club are working. I used to have a 10 pound weight restriction and this morning I went all Bruce Banner on the QuinJetta. (Fine, it is a manual transmission and was in Neutral.)

Additionally though, editing the video from Sunday to put on to YouTube – not as easy as it is on a Mac. Yet another Windows FAIL! Of course due to needing a new alternator, timing belt, serpentine belt and oil change – you will not see me picking up a MacBook any time soon.

So to sum up:

  • Day Four and on track for 50k, but still shooting for 75k.
  • Video will hopefully get uploaded tonight.
  • I need to sell one of these damned stories so I can buy a frakkin’ Mac!
  • I can push a car all by myself now.

Any questions?


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