Nanowrimo Day One

So some of the published authors I know out there love the idea, and some think it teaches the worst writing habits ever. Me? I am teetering on the line about it.

For those of you I have met through the Nano events and web site, I know that there is a better than average chance we may have never crossed paths. Additionally, without Nano I know I would not have a couple of short stories sitting in a folder waiting further edits and shopping out or a WIP that is in its third revision working towards a draft that I think doesn’t suck too bad. (For the record Revision Two sucked OUT LOUD!)

In short, Nano taught me to write without considering the consequences and the go back and revised the holy hell out of the piece. Love it or hate it, the real issue is what works best for each of us. If you work best getting up in the morning, smothering your feet and ears in orange marmalade and then doing a little rain dance around your computer before sitting down to type out your words while the cat licks marmalade from between your toes – knock yourself out. (Even though you are kind of a strange duck…) Me, I get my best results sitting in a coffee shop and tapping away on the laptop, or feeding off the energy of over 30 people clacking away in one quiet, sequestered spot.

So, eight and a half hours and way too many cups of coffee later, I had over 3600 words written. Yes, I could have done better, but I was the host. I also took video of the event which I hope to edit and upload tonight. I am ahead after writing this morning before leaving for work.

If you were at the Launch Party, give me a holler. If you are reading this and are a Nano, give me a holler. But most of all, tell me your word count. Let me know the trials and tribulations you are going through. We can all learn off of each other. Even if my path is not the trip you want to take, we will still see each other at the destination.


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